TWICE H6ME PARTY with 6NCE: Members Dress up as Different Characters + Premiere New Song 'Candy'

TWICE has successfully held a live broadcast to celebrate their sixth anniversary. During the livestream, the members were dressed up as various characters and even performed a new song, "Candy," for the first time as a gift to the fans.

On Oct. 20 at 9 p.m. KST, TWICE held a special live broadcast, titled "TWICE 6th Anniversary: H6ME PARTY With 6NCE, on Naver V Live. This is part of the group's one-week celebration of their sixth year of debut.

TWICE 6th Anniversary
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TWICE Holds Live Broadcast "H6ME PARTY with 6ONCE" to Celebrate 6th Anniversary

At the beginning of TWICE's V Live broadcast, the members entered the room either solo or by pair. They surprised the viewers as they were wearing different outfits, portraying various characters.

The first members to enter were Mina and Nayeon as a mother and a child, with Mina acting as the mother while Nayeon was the baby.

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The second one to enter is Tzuyu as an archer, and next was Jihyo as a cactus. Then, Jeongyeon came in as an explorer riding a dinosaur.

TWICE 6th Anniversary
(Photo : Twitter: @JYPETWICE)

Up next was Chaeyoung, who was dressed up as a familiar character that most K-drama fans know - a staff in "Squid Game."

Following Chaeyoung was another pair, Momo and Sana, as noodles in a cup. The last member to enter the room was Dahyun, who extremely surprised the viewers as she was dressed up as Hulk.

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(Photo : Twitter: @JYPETWICE)

Not to mention, the keyword "dahyun" trended on Twitter as fans can't over her character. As of writing, the keyword was used over 100,000 times.

Other members' names that trended on Twitter were "Jeongyeon" and "Tzuyu," as fans expressed their happiness to see them again after being absent from recent group activities.

TWICE's "H6ME PARTY with 6ONCE" featured six chapters, which are activities that involve No. 6 that is connected to their sixth anniversary.

The first chapter was "6'terview," which was about the members answering different questions in only six syllables. The second chapter was called "6 tastes," where the members enjoyed some food and also shared some memorable moments.

There was also a chapter called "6 quiz," which was about answering questions related to the TWICE members. The girl group also enjoyed various games.

Were you able to watch TWICE's V Live broadcast in celebration of their sixth anniversary?

TWICE Performs New Song "Candy" for the First Time during "H6ME PARTY with 6NCE"

Aside from the six chapters, TWICE made the live broadcast more special when they performed the new song "Candy" for the first time.

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"Candy" is one of the tracks from TWICE's upcoming album "Formula of Love: O+T=<3, which is set for release in November.

The nine TWICE members conveyed their love to the fans through "Candy," which will remind fans of the JYP girl group's official lightstick that is called "Candy Bong."

Before the livestream ended, TWICE said, "Looking back on the road we walked on in the past six years, we think of ONCE a lot. We are sincerely grateful to ONCE who has been by our side for six years. We hope that you also gain energy through us and will always be happy."

They continued, "Thank you for always being there for us, and we hope that we can be together in the same place on our seventh anniversary. Let's be together for a long time in the future."

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