HyunA Dating History: Did You Know She Was MBLAQ Lee Joon's Rumored Girlfriend before Dating DAWN?

HyunA is widely known as DAWN's current girlfriend, and that the two have been dating since 2016. But, five years before the female soloist dated the former PENTAGON member, she was involved in a dating rumor with Lee Joon, who was an MBLAQ member at that time.

Continue reading to find out why HyunA and Lee Joon were caught up in such a shocking rumor.

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Did MBLAQ Lee Joon Become HyunA's Boyfriend Before DAWN?

The dating rumor involving HyunA (who was a 4Minute member at that time) and Lee Joon started making rounds online on June 22, 2011. It was around the time the female idol dropped her smash hit "Bubble Bop!"

It was reported that the two K-pop stars looked very close to one another during their trip from Okinawa, Japan to South Korea onboard an airplane.

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MBLAQ Lee Joon
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Lee Joon

The flight attendant stated that HyunA and Lee Joon were engaged in a skinship (Korean expression for public display of affection or any other intimate touching).

Then, a witness even claimed they looked like a college couple.

Another witness said that they appeared to enjoy the trip as they were teasing one another, leaning on each other's shoulders, and holding hands.

A few days after the dating rumor about HyunA and MBLAQ Lee Joon surfaced, the idol's respective agencies addressed the issue.

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An official from HyunA's label CUBE Entertainment stated that the two K-pop idols only went to Okinawa together to shoot a music video. They added that they are not dating and that they acted like a couple in their flight as they were filming a scene.

Lee Joon's company J.Tune Entertainment also clarified that they were only filming a music video and that they are close friends so people might have misunderstood their actions.

In contrast to what CUBE Entertainment stated, no airplane scene ever appeared on HyunA's "Bubble Pop!" music video.

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MBLAQ Lee JoonLee Joon

The dating rumor involving MBLAQ Lee Joon and HyunA is believed to be true because the two of them had previously referred to one another as their ideal match through TV shows and radio programs.

Two years later, Lee Joon appeared on SBS's "Hwashin" and was asked to explain the rumor that he dated HyunA. He cleared up the issue by saying that he never dated a female idol.

He continued that he and HyunA were indeed on the same plane on the way back to Korea and that they got close through the filming of the music video so he thought it would be weird if he sat far from her seat.

Do you think the two K-pop idols did date? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

HyunA and DAWN Tackle Their Five-Year Relationship on "My Ugly Duckling"

At present, HyunA and DAWN's relationship seems to be going stronger, and this year marked their fifth year together. So how were the past five years for them as a couple?

HyunA and DAWN
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Dawn x HyunA

In February this year, the celebrity couple appeared on SBS's "My Ugly Duckling," where they talked about their relationship.

The two of them shared how HyunA changes how she calls DAWN. In particular, she usually calls him jagi (a term of endearment like "darling" or "honey"], but if she catches him doing something wrong, she calls him "Hyo Jong."

HyunA and DAWN
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Hyuna x Dawn

Regarding their parents' reactions to their relationship, HyunA shared that it took her parents some time to open up their hearts to DAWN but they know how much he takes care of her.

DAWN added that HyunA's dad gives him plenty of good advice and that he would always ask him whenever he's curious.

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