Lee Young Ji Spills the 'Tea' About the Issue of 'Street Woman Fighter' Casting Celebrities

In the recent episode of MAMAMOO's Solar's YouTube show, "Solarsido," rapper Lee Young Ji explained the issue about the appearance of celebrities on the hit reality show, "Street Woman Fighter."

On November 4, MAMAMOO Solar invited rapper Lee Young Ji on her YouTube channel's show, "Solarsido." There, Lee Young Ji's candid personality was highlighted as she wasn unable to hold herself back from spilling the "tea" about her appearance in "Street Woman Fighter."

Read on to know what the rapper said.

Lee Young Ji Spills the 'Tea' About the Issue of 'Street Woman Fighter' Casting Celebrities
(Photo : Lee Young Ji and Chaeyeon (News1))

Lee Young Ji Revealed that it Was Mnet's Production Team that Asked Her to Appear in the 'Street Woman Fighter'

Regarding rapper Lee Young Ji's recent support for Want Crew's stage at "Street Woman Fighter (SWF)", she boldly explained, "I was cast by the production team."

In particular, during the interview, several questions related to SWF were thrown, which were concerning about Lee Young Ji's appearance. As soon as the rapper saw the questions, she punched her chest and made her huge confession.

"When I first got the casting, I politely declined it. However, (Mnet) production team persuaded me. They said I just have to come out and do the 4 eights (about 30 seconds) and I thought I just need to make a brief appearance... but it was much harder than I thought and there were many people," Lee Young Ji complained.

Lee Young Ji
(Photo : Lee Young Ji (News1))
Lee Young Ji

"From then on, I realized that it was strange and kind of wrong... (Before my appearance) I already anticipate for the crowd's criticism and disrespect," she added.

Lee Young Ji also narrated that she initially thought that all of the teams will have celebrities as their special guest, but aside from Want Crew, Hook's Aiki is only the team that invited an idol as well, which is SNSD Sooyoung.

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Lee Young Ji Spills the 'Tea' About the Issue of 'Street Woman Fighter' Casting Celebrities
(Photo : Lee Young Ji (News1))

Lee Young Ji Clarifies Controversy Over Other 'Street Woman Fighter' Crews Inviting Celebrities

Contrary to viewers' opinion on the matter, Lee Young Ji's appearance was actually "staged" by Mnet!

In particular, Want Crew, wherein female idol and former IZ*ONE Chaeyeon belongs, received criticisms for inviting idols during the show's second elimination mission, Mega Crew Mission.

Aside from Lee Young Ji, Weki Meki Choi Yoojung also appeared, as well as LOONA Yves.

Viewers and the dancers alike initially thought it was Chaeyeon who invited all of the dancers that became controversial. It turned out, the production team was responsible for it.

Lee Young Ji Spills the 'Tea' About the Issue of 'Street Woman Fighter' Casting Celebrities
(Photo : Lee Chaeyeon (News1))

For context, when the crew invited celebrities, viewers and dancers such as Prowdmon Monika expressed frustrations.

"I hope all non-dancers will be eliminated. I don't even want to compete with a crew who doesn't deserve to battle against." the dancer said, and viewers agreed by saying it as "an unfair and unreasonable move to use celebrities to gain more points."

Going back to the interview, Lee Young Ji nonetheless expressed her happiness for being able to appear in the show.

"In fact, even I thought, 'Should I be there?' But anyway, it was such a good experience. What I felt while doing it was that women who dance well in Korea are sexy. I actually said it about 8 times during the interview. It's all been edited, "Young Ji concluded, drawing laughter.

Watch Lee Young Ji's interview with MAMAMOO Solar here!

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