MOMOLAND JooE Diet and Workout Routine: How Did the 'BBoom BBoom' Hitmaker Successfully Lose Weight?

JooE is one of the most popular members of MOMOLAND, the girl group behind the hit sensations "BBoom BBoom" and "BAAM." Since the group's debut back in November 2016, JooE has been receiving a lot of attention for not only her visuals, but also for her incredible weight loss!

With that, how did JooE successfully lose weight? Here's what we know about JooE's diet and workout routine so far!

MOMOLAND JooE Diet Plan Revealed

JooE rose to prominence after MOMOLAND's song, "BBoom BBoom" became viral all over the world. She then received further attention when fans noticed that she was getting more beautiful as the years went by, particularly for her incredible weight loss that made a huge difference to her visuals!

Through the years, JooE has been gradually losing weight and shedding off some of her baby fat. Now, JooE maintains her amazing figure around the 43kg to 46kg range, and standing at 164cm (5'5") tall.

(Photo : Instagram: @j_oo.e_0en)

Of course, getting to the weight JooE has now didn't come overnight, but is all because of her hard work and discipline to manage the kind of food she intakes.

During JooE's guest appearance on the KBS Joy's "Ssul-vival," she revealed the diet plan she follows to help her lose weight.

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According to JooE, one of the most difficult things about going on a diet is resisting the temptation of food to avoid having a yo-yo effect on her weight.

(Photo : Instagram: @j_oo.e_0en)

Although JooE has already lost a considerable amount of weight, she confesses that she is greedy to lose more.

When she's on a diet, JooE's entire food intake consists of 400 grams of chicken breast or 200 grams of beef, two cucumbers, and an apple or two that she splits during the day.

With that diet, this means that JooE has a calorie intake of less than 1000 a day, which is not exactly ideal if you're accompanying the diet with heavy workouts. 

(Photo : Instagram: @j_oo.e_0en)

Aside from that, JooE had also talked about intermittent fasting, where she follows a cycle of only eating during a given period (usually for eight hours), while the rest of the 16 hours is dedicated for fasting.

MOMOLAND JooE's Workout Routine

Unfortunately, JooE didn't exactly reveal what kind of exercises she likes to do, or if she even exercises at all.

However, it is highly likely that JooE's main form of workout is through her dance practices, which usually lasts at least two hours a day for a typical idol.

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(Photo : Instagram: @j_oo.e_0en)

As dancing is a form of cardio, JooE could lose at least a hundred calories - and sweating it out with cardio can help burn off fat!

Are you going to try JooE's diet plan?

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