MOMOLAND Nancy Diet and Workout Routine: How Did the 'BAAM' Singer Achieve Her Beautiful Figure?

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Nancy is one of the most prominent members of MOMOLAND, the girl group behind the highly addicting songs "BBoom BBoom" and "BAAM." Since her debut with the group back in November 2016, she has been receiving a lot of attention for her beautiful figure that made headlines for breaking the Korean beauty standards, with many wondering how she achieved the figure she has today.

So, how did Nancy achieve her beautiful figure? Here's what we know about Nancy's diet and workout routine so far!

MOMOLAND Nancy Workout Routine Revealed

Nancy became the center of attention immediately after their song, "BBoom BBoom," received worldwide attention. She then received further recognition for her curvy physique, which goes against the norms of Korean beauty standards.

However, Nancy shed some weight over the years, going on a diet and working out to lose her baby fat. Now, Nancy maintains her beautiful figure around the 47kg to 52kg range.

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(Photo : Instagram: @nancyjewel_mcdonie_)

For Nancy's workout routine, she spends a lot of time dancing as a form of cardio, especially back when MOMOLAND was still actively promoting. With the choreography that the group has, Nancy is sure to burn off calories and fat during dance practices.

Although the length of each dance practice varies for each group, a standard for K-Pop idols would be an hour and a half or more. Like other idols, Nancy also goes running, jogging, and walking for her cardio.

However, prior to debuting, Nancy liked to do pilates as her form of workout. But she now focuses more on dancing as her main workout.

(Photo : Instagram: @nancyjewel_mcdonie_)

Nancy also used to actively go to the gym to work out. Although she didn't specify exactly what she did in the gym, it is likely that Nancy did bodyweight exercises to achieve her curvy figure, such as making use of the machines from time to time. She also took up boxing classes.

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MOMOLAND Nancy Diet Plan Revealed

Regarding Nancy's diet, Nancy mentioned that she and MOMOLAND had a strict diet. However, they are not restricted as much when it comes to food these days and are just asked to take care of themselves instead.

Prior to their debut, Nancy's diet consisted of eating only 200 grams of chicken breast, two cucumbers, and two apples for the entire day. Sometimes she would go on a lemon detox or low-salt diet, in addition to drinking plenty of water everyday!

(Photo : Instagram: @nancyjewel_mcdonie_)

However, Nancy doesn't follow a diet these days and eats whatever she wants in moderation, and making sure to eat less fatty food and increase her intake of healthy food instead.

Will you be trying out Nancy's diet and workout routine?

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