BLACKSWAN's Agency Talks About Conflict Among Members + Full Statement Released

BLACKSWAN's agency, DR Music, clarifies the rumors surrounding the conflict between Fatou and Leia. The agency highlights the cultural differences of the girls.

Keep reading to see DR Music's official statement 

BLACKSWAN' Agency Releases Statement About Fatou and Leia's Conflict

On November 20, DR Music, BLACKSWAN's management agency, released a statement about the conflict between members Fatou and Leia. 

The agency explained that the group consists of members with different nationalities, therefore various opinions and cultures exist and mutual respect and understanding are required in the group.

Leia Fatou
(Photo : Instagram: @blackswan___official)
BLACKSWAN's Leia (left) and Fatou (right)

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They first apologized because the facts were distorted within the team and the rumors have been spread to the LUMINAs (BLACKSWAN's fandom name). 

They then explained that when different people work together, various types of conflict of interests often occur in the team. Also, fights and bullying should not be tolerated among the members.

BLACKSWAN's Cultural Differences Discussed, LUMINAs Involved in the Conflict

Over the past few days, the agency and BLACKSWAN have been discussing their cultural differences and they finally realized the importance of each other.

After their discussion, it is expected that Fatou and Leia will be working together in the group once again.

DR Music Entertainment Releases Statement Concerning BLACKSWAN Fatou and Leia’s Bullying Controversy
(Photo : BLACKSWAN Instagram)

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Furthermore, the management also stated that one of the factors that trigger the conflict is the LUMINA. They sincerely asked that the fans should stop with the racist and violent comments to the members.

Now that the conflict between the members has been solved, they are resuming the group's activities once again. That is why there is no need for fans to have an argument.

Below is the full statement from BLACKSWAN's Agency, DR Music

Hello, this is DR Music. This is a notice of a recent issue within the team. 

BLACKSWAN is currently promoting an album, "Close to Me," in Korea, and this activity has begun to receive a lot of support and interest. For this, we sincerely thank Lumina (BLACKSWAN fandom). BLACKSWAN is a group that has just begun to attract attention as idolS, and is has members of various nationalities, including languages ​​and cultures. Therefore, it is a team where diverse opinions and diverse cultures coexist, and mutual respect and understanding are required more than other K-pop teams. 

We would like to apologize to Lumina from all the staff of DR Music for the fact that internal issues within the team were distorted by others and spread to the fans as if it were true. Sometimes, different people working together can lead to different kinds of disagreements within the team. However, it is the position that constructive fights between members to improve the level of perfection should not be confined to a stimulating frame of just bullying and thus foster discord within the team. 

We had many conversations with the members over the past few days, and both the company and the members admitted that this incident helped them realize the importance of each other once again. We also promised once again we would do our best until this album's promotions are finished. 

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the fans who love and support BLACKSWAN, and Fatou and Leia will also prove again through their activities that their friendship has not changed. 

LUMINA is one. It's undesirable for us to criticize each other for being bipartisan. Also, We earnestly ask that those who attack the members or their family and other fans, and use violence with racist words and actions to stop now. 

BLACKSWAN is the only existing K-pop team that has members from Latin America and Europe, and the whole process of forming a team itself is both experimental and challenging for us. We also wanted to quickly post the company's official position out of frustration, but we thought that the process of rectifying the problem through mutual dialogue and understanding is essential rather than unconditional intervention by the company, so even if it takes time, we decided to delay this part. It took a little bit of time because we thought it would be better to solve it first and post an official statement. 

As this is our first challenge, we also admit our lacking, and we will do our best manage the members's growth.  Through the fans' critiques and feedback, we will provide a strong foundation for BLACKSWAN's growth so that they can become a group that everyone loves.

Even at this moment, the members are practicing hard in the practice room. LUMINA, please stop arguing any further as well. Particularly, accusations about a specific nationality or race undermine the positive purpose we had when we created a global girl group. 

Thank you. 

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BLACKSWAN is a multicultural girl group that debuted last year, it includes Korean members Youngheon and Judy, Brazilian-Japanese national Leah, and Belgian national Fatou. They promoted their song "Close to Me" just recently. 

(Photo : BLACKSWAN Instagram)

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