Ko Young Wook Of 1990s K-Pop Act Roo'ra Admits Wrongful Contact With Alleged Rape Victims, Requests Appeal Of 5-Year Jail Sentence

Ko Young Wook (also spelled Go Young Wook), a former member of the South Korean band Roo'ra, appeared in court on Friday to appeal a five-year jail sentence for allegedly having sex with and sexually harassing three minors.

Ko's attorney is no longer claiming he client is innocent, according to the publication CJ E&M enewsWorld, instead requesting an appeal of the April 10 verdict on the grounds of unfair punishment and distortion of the truth.

"Though some facts have been exaggerated, it is true that there was some wrongful physical contact with the two victims, such as unexcused kisses and so on," the star's lawyer said.

Ko also reportedly submitted a hand-written letter requesting a fairer sentence from the South Korean justice department.

In addition the five-year prison sentence, the former member of Roo'ra was ordered to wear an electronic anklet for 10 years and be registered as a sex offender for seven years.

"[Ko Young Wook] used his status as a celebrity to harass and have illicit sex with victims who are young and so lack proper judgment," read the court decision.

"He also denied the charges in court, gave excuses, and attempted to lay responsibility on some of the victims. We sentence him to five years in prison and seven years on the sex offender registry."

The decision noted that Ko, who had a recurring role on the recent MBC drama "High Kick! 3," was a high-risk to continue his illegal behavior after he is released from jail.

"[Ko Young Wook] was involved in a total of five crimes between 2010 and 2012, and he uses similar methods, driving down the possibility that they were accidental," the decision stated.

"That he was involved in a similar crime while prosecution was heading an investigation indicates there is a high possibility he will commit such crimes again. We order him to wear an electronic anklet for 10 years."

Ko's legal troubles began in April of last year, when an 18-year-old woman came forward charging the star raped her at his studio apartment after having drinks.

Although a court dismissed the case in January, three more victims soon came forward with similar charges. 

One of Ko's accusers, a middle school student, claimed the star led her into his car by claiming he was a music producer, before molesting her.

Looking ragged as he stood before the court on Friday, Ko requested that one of his alleged victims, her friend and the policeman that headed up the star's investigation could be called as witnesses.

The justice department agreed to allow Ko's lawyer to call two of the witnesses, but said the alleged victim would have to be deemed fit to stand trial.

"Okay, I understand," Ko said.

The star's next appeal hearing is scheduled for June 28.

Ko Young Wook


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