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K-pop Idols Acting In Chinese/Taiwanese Dramas: Success Or Failure?

By Staff Writer | June 12, 2013 01:26 AM EDT


Last time, we looked at how well K-pop idols were able to speak the Chinese language. Now, let's take a look at all the K-pop idols who were bold enough to show off their acting skills by playing a role in a Chinese or Taiwanese drama!

In 2011, Super Junior-M members Donghae and Siwon were cast in a Taiwanese drama called "Skip Beat!" It was a drama based on the Japanese manga, and both Donghae and Siwon played the roles of idols in the entertainment industry.

Perhaps because both Donghae and Siwon played roles similar to their real life, the two's acting skills were praised by fans. Donghae was able to showcase his cuteness in the drama when he adorably slurped strawberry puddings, and he was also able to become fierce during scenes when he had to portray anger.

Siwon, on the other hand, portrayed a more gentle character, and he also kept cool by acting as a handsome and talented actor in the drama.

Although both Donghae and Siwon did a great job with the drama, their voices unfortunately had to be dubbed into Chinese. Many fans of the two idols complained on the official Facebook page of the drama, expressing their dissatisfaction with the dubbed voices, since many didn't think the voices matched the two actors.

Other than Donghae and Siwon, Park Jung Min of SS501 also took a shot at acting in a Taiwanese drama called "Fondant Garden." In preparation for the drama, Park Jung Min studied Chinese under a Taiwanese teacher, and while acting in the drama, he tried to use as much Chinese in his lines as he could.

"Fondant Garden" was Park Jung Min's first time acting in a Chinese drama, and his cute role in the drama made him loved by many. In the romantic comedy, Park Jung Min plays a Taiwanese-Korean second-generation son of a CEO, who later loses his memory and meets a talented pastry chef, called Mi En.

Park Jung Min's acting was very natural in the drama, and fortunately, the dubbed Chinese voice matched him very well. Since Park Jung Min plays a Taiwanese-Korean in the drama, there were some scenes in the drama when he would be able to speak Korean. Park Jung Min was also very cheerful and bright on the drama set, inciting laughter among the filming staff.

Other than Taiwnese dramas, Super Junior's Kim Kibum has also begun acting in new Chinese dramas. Following "The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils," Kibum has been cast as the lead actor in "Lucky Tempo." Unlike his fellow K-pop idols, Kibum has chosen to act in historical dramas in China rather than modern dramas.

In an interview with a Taiwanese TV show, Kibum revealed the difficulties of learning Chinese, but he also showed off common Chinese phrases that he often used on set, including "When do we get off work?" and "I'm hungry and tired." Kibum's new Chinese drama is scheduled to air later this year, and fans are waiting to see his acting ability shine!

f(x)'s Victoria and Super Junior-M's Zhou Mi also went back to their native country to act in a Chinese drama called "When Love Walked In." Since both of them are Chinese, they had no problem conversing and acting in the Chinese drama.

"When Love Walked In" was the first drama that the two ever acted in, and both of them played lead roles in the drama. Despite it being the first time that they acted, Victoria and Zhoumi were able to show the audience their acting skills, and many praised them as naturals.

In your personal opinion, which other K-pop idols do you think should also act in Chinese and Taiwanese dramas?

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