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In Retrospect: G-Dragon Is One Of A Kind, Shows Best Brand In Malaysia

By Amal A. | June 30, 2013 04:24 AM EDT


For an artist to be in a group that carried the 'best brand' of Kpop, and stepped out from the shadows of it in order to embark on their own solo journey, it might take a lot of effort to show their own versatility and uniqueness to take on the mainstream stage. However, trust this Big Bang front man, Kwon Jiyong (better known as G-Dragon) because... Yes Sir, (He is) One of a Kind!

On the night of 22 June 2013, at Bukit Jalil National Stadium, G-Dragon proved he was a 'big deal' and presented to the Malaysian crowds yet another spectacular performance through his G-Dragon 2013 1st World Tour One of Kind.

If you could flashback to October 2012 where Merdeka Stadium was jam-packed with enthusiastic crowds carrying yellow crown shaped light stick while soaked in the rain to witness the real 'Bigbang of Kpop', the night of this Big Bang's front man concert was no different. Who cared about the bad hazy weather that day, its G-Dragon that we are talking about and the crowds won't miss this opportunity to witness what this man will show. Popping out from a futuristic glass car that resembled the Batman's Lamborghini Aventador, while dressed in a red jacket carrying a stick (maybe portraying himself as 'Joker' in Batman) he was ready to battle the haze and get his groove on, starting off with his bizarre latest song Michigo. He continued with Heartbreaker and One of A Kind which turned the stadium into a mass karaoke session as the crowds sing along with him.

He is not G-Dragon if there will be no element of surprises in his performances and this time, he invited Tablo of Epik High and CL from 2NE1 to duet with him in Light It Up and The Leaders. Well, what's so surprised about having guest artists in your own concert right? You were wrong! Both Tablo and CL were not visibly present but, with the advanced technology today, both of them appeared in a hologram which brought this concert to another level.

After several hyper energetic songs, G-Dragon took it slow and appeared on the stage handsomely seeking for his Butterfly. He swayed the fans together with him in this 'garden like' stage when gigantic butterflies suddenly appeared. Can't get enough with lover boy G-Dragon's image, he whistled to Missing You while sitting in style in the centre of stage before continued with that song. When the hit lyrics 'Maybe I'm missing you', he pointed to the crowds and this brought the scream to another high decibels. As one of the fashionista in the Korean music industry, he was not just brought the fashion vibe to his outfit but also to his stage props. There appeared a giant throne fully covered with jeweled chains and he comfortably sat on it like a primadonna while serenading the crowds with That XXX and Without You alongside an acoustic guitarist. The beautiful melodies that flowed through the strings of the guitar coupled with his amazing voice blended together creating such another elegance performance.

'So today, I (G-Dragon) don't care...' may it be the glass car or the butterfly, he don't care as another of his fabulous props, an 'alien spaceship like DJ turntable' appeared on stage and he was more than ready to work on his magic fingers as he played Deejay to Today and Shine A Light. Halfway through the concert, he welcomed his fellow BigBang member, Taeyang who performed Where You At and Breakdown. Coming back to the stage, he showed his unconditionally love to the fans attending the concert with This Love and One Year Station.

'Uno-Dos-Tres-Cuatro...' he brought his inner heavy-rock image while climbing and ran around the stage to Obsession in order to bring out the heavy obsessed emotion to the song. Just like watching a drama, the raging and suffering emotion from this song continued through She's Gone as he performed it as if his lover was just abandoning him. Enough with the 'sad emotion', it's time to bring the 'Swag, Check', as he sang to Crayon and to the crowd's surprise the melody from Fantastic Baby were suddenly played, hence this brought the crowds grew wild and started to scream 'Boom Shakalaka' and danced to the song. He ended these songs with a bang coupled with strings of confetti.

It seems like the concert has came to an end, and G-Dragon dispatched his Michigo joker-clowned persona to shoo away the crowds to go home, but instead all of them stay put and started to chant 'encore' and 'G-Dragon's saranghae (I Love You) name in order to bring him back to stage. Coming back to the stage, he sang Breathe and Bad Boy with Taeyang joining him on stage. Riding in a Segway while screaming Thank You to the fans who attending his concert that night, together with the upbeat of Michigo, he asked the crowds to 'make some noise' and once again he blasted the song to wrap up the night.

During the finale, he announced that he will be releasing an album in August and he expressed his gratitude to everyone especially the fans who continued to support him. He added 'I'm so happy. I'll never forget tonight and please don't forget me. I promise I'll be back with my brothers, Big Bang!'

From a joker of Batman, to a loverboy who searched and misses his Butterfly, and from an 'alien spaceship DJ' to an obsessed rocker who have been abandoned by his lover, G-DRAGON is ONE OF A KIND! This solo concert by the man himself proved that he could create his own 'bang' on the stage.

G-Dragon 2013 World Tour: One of A Kind in Malaysia was co-organized by Running into The Sun and Woohoo! Experience, presented by Xpax together with Acer and Intel, and produced by YG Entertainment and Live Nation Entertainment.

Special thanks to Running Into the Sun for giving KPopStarz this media coverage opportunity.

Writer: Amalina A. | Contributor: Ain Osman

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