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'Nail Book' Lee Hong Ki, "I Don't Care What Others Think... This Is Who I Am"

By Staff Reporter | July 26, 2013 09:15 AM EDT


Group FTISLAND's Lee Hong Ki has an odd charm. He shines enough on his own, but his nails are different from other boy idol group members. Lee Hong Ki has been interested in men's nails since 3 years ago, which led him to even become a writer of his own nail book.

On July 22, Lee Hong Ki released his book 'Lee Hong Ki Nail Book' in Korea and Japan, which was sold at an unbelievable rate. 'Lee Hong Ki Nail Book' written with the nail artist Kim Soo Jung was full of his love for nail art and for his own character.

Lee Hong Ki's nails were shown often through his Twitter. And as the main vocal, his nails were frequently shown on air when he grabbed the mic to sing, and his unique nail art designs changed more and more often. Many internet users seemed to hate it at first but that did not stop Lee Hong Ki from carrying out his passion.

Lee Hong Ki said, "I want to break the stereotype that it's weird for men to get nail art. I also wanted to show my own know-hows. I think that's why I decided to write a book. At first, I thought, 'Who would buy this book?' but I'm happy that people are liking it."

He said the first time he got nail art was by force. He thought to himself, 'Why do men need nail art?' and was satisfied with simple care. But he slowly fell in love with the charm of nail art. He said, "It felt really weird at first. But for our song 'Hello Hello,' I went out with nail art on my nails and I realized it would add a nice point to our style. I think that's when I officially started getting nail art. Now, it's a part of me that I can't leave behind."

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