'Elizabeth' Ok Joo Hyun, Picture With Junsu

Singer and musical actress Ok Joo Hyun revealed a picture taken with JYJ's member Junsu.

Yesterday, Ok Joo Hyun posted on her Twitter, "I thank all audience members once again who filled up all the seats for our Wednesday night performance as well. This great man was also in the audience~" along with a picture.

In the picture, Ok Joo Hyun is still in the makeup from her musical stage in a white gown, posing for the camera. Next to her is JYJ's Junsu in an all-black suit with his hand on Ok Joo Hyun's shoulder.

Internet users who saw this commented, "They look so close, I'm jealous," "They're such great singers," "I'll make sure to go watch the musical," and "They look good together."

Ok Joo Hyun and Junsu had both played roles in the musical "Elizabeth" as Elizabeth and Death.

Photo Credit: Ok Joo Hyun Twitter

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