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f(x) Sulli’s Diet Success at ‘Hide and Seek’ VIP Premiere

By Staff Reporter | August 07, 2013 08:36 AM EDT


The VIP premiere for 'Hide and Seek' (directed by Huh Jung, produced by Dream Capture Studio) starring Son Hyun Joo, Moon Jung Hee, and Jun Mi Sun was held on the evening of August 6th at the Megabox COEX in Seoul.

At the VIP premiere, f(x) Sulli had an opportunity for a photo time.

'Hide and Seek' is a thriller about two different parties that struggle to protect their families from strangers, especially someone who would hide in their own homes. It is a shocking story based on true events from New York, Europe, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Seoul which features ghost doorbell rings and strangers who secretly live in other people's homes.

When it was first revealed on Youtube and various news channels that there was a secret 'hide and seek' code by the doorbell indicating the number of residents and their genders in each house, and how strangers chose which house to invade and secretly live in by that code, it was shocking news that shook up the world. There was even a woman who was caught on CCTV in New York who actually frequented a stranger's home without their knowledge. The movie 'Hide and Seek' makes the fear of these events actually happening around us into a reality on the big screen, and is expected to have an explosive climax that overwhelms the audience.

In the movie Son Hyun Joo plays the part of Sung Soo, who, in search of his older brother that disappeared mysteriously, finds this hide and seek code. He is expected to have an explosive charisma on screen that is unparalleled, and take away the breaths of all those watching.

Moon Jung Hee takes on her first leading role with the part of Ju Hee, a neighbor living in the same building as Son Hyun Joo's missing brother. The story unfolds as both she and Son Hyun Joo struggle to make sure their families are protected from all threats.

'Hide and Seek' will premiere in theaters on August 14. 

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