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Sulli of f(x) Becomes a Pirate for Her Blockbuster Movie Debut

By Staff Reporter | August 14, 2013 08:50 AM EDT


For the first time ever since her musical debut five years ago, Sulli of f(x) will debut in the movie 'Pirates,' which is expected to be a blockbuster hit.

On August 13 the movie's representatives confirmed that Sulli will be starring in the movie 'Pirates' (directed by Lee Suk Hoon and produced by Harimao Pictures). Although there were many other girl group members competing for this role, a final decision was made to cast Sulli for the role.

As a child actor Sulli has appeared in 'Punch Lady' in 2007 (directed by Kang Hyo Jin). Because it will be her first acting role since her musical debut with f(x) five years ago, expectations are high to see her on screen.

'Pirates' has already been dubbed as the Korean version of 'Pirates of the Caribbean,' and an estimated 10 billion Won (about 8.9 million US Dollars) will go into the production cost. The movie is set in the Joseon Dynasty, and is the story about a group of pirates and bandits who try to hunt down a whale that swallowed a very valuable treasure.

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