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Prosecution Demands A Year In Jail For Daniel Of DMTN: Star Charged With Distributing Marijuana After Arrest In March

By Jesse Lent | August 29, 2013 04:58 PM EDT


The prosecutor in Thursday's trial of the singer Daniel of the six-member boy band DMTN is calling for the star to spend a year behind bars and pay a fee of over $6,000 for his role in a marijuana distribution ring, according to the publication eNEWS.

The attorney representing DMTN singer in the trial, currently taking place in Seoul, South Korea, claims he is seeking to get Daniel off with probation.

"We ask for a probation because Daniel was born in America, and was relatively lenient toward the use of marijuana," the lawyer said. "He also only introduced the drug to his friends."

Daniel expressed his deep regret to the court.

"I′m sorry I′ve harmed the people around me," said the 22-year-old DMTN singer. "I acknowledge that I was in the wrong, and I feel deep remorse."

As the time this article was published the verdict has not been announced.

Back in March, at the time of Daniel's arrest, DMTN's record label 2Works, issued a statement saying they regretted advising Daniel to come clean about his role in distributing the drug, even after several drug tests of the star came back negative.

"Daniel made a poor and careless decision when he believed he would not come under great harm as long as he did not smoke the drug himself," the 2Works statement read.

"All staff working with the company is also feeling the heavy weight of responsibility as we failed to lead Daniel to make the right decision."

The record label's statement added that Daniel, whose full name is Daniel Chae, had offered to help police in any way he could.

"Daniel admitted to his charges, and showed a willingness to cooperate fully with police and prosecution so that he would be a help to the investigation," the 2Works statement read.

"He feels remorse over the crime he has so rashly committed, and is regretting his actions. He hasn′t been given a final, legal decision on his charges yet, but we believe he will have no excuse to give for his faults."

The probe that led to Daniel's arrest is allegedly centered around a 34-year-old musician named Shin.

In addition to playing in a local rock band, Shin also grew marijuana in the mountains of the Jeongsun in Gangwon Province, according to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency (SMPA).

"An investigation shows that Shin collected marijuana in person and sold it to his acquaintances due to financial difficulties while working as a member of the indie band," an SMPA officer told the Yonhap News Agency in May.

Daniel was one of the 16 people arrested for smoking or distributing the pot that Shin grew in the mountains.

"Most of the suspects were in their early 20s and had previously studied abroad in the U.S. where the culture is relatively lenient toward drug use," the officer said.

"They had no sense of guilt."

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