Lee Seung Chul Praises G-Dragon ‘I Think He’s the Best’

Singer Lee Seung Chul said he's currently looking out for Big Bang's G-Dragon's music.

Lee Seung Chul appeared as a special guest on the September 6 episode of MBC FM4U's "2 O'clock Date with Park Kyung Rim" and had a talk-off with DJ Park Kyung Rim.

DJ Park Kyung Rim asked him, "Which one of the junior singers do you think sings very well?" To that Lee Seung Chul hesitated a bit, and then said "There are too many. I can't name one or else the unnamed will be disappointed" and struggled to answer the question. It's hard when you're a respected singer and in the spotlight, because you don't want to leave someone out and hurt their feelings.

Park Kyung Rim revised her question and asked, "Then who is one junior singer you currently have your eye on?" He answered, "That's got to be G-Dragon. I think he's the best. I've listened to all his new songs. I think if my song 'My Love' was released right now, it would be trampled by all of G-Dragon's songs," and elicited laughter from the listeners.

He continued, "I think G-Dragon will become the best singer. His ability to radiate his charm is amazing," and gave G-Dragon his highest praise. 

Lee Seung Chul
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