Actor Cha Seung Won's Son, Cha No Ah, Admits To Smoking Marijuana, Demands Jail Time In Sexual Assault Trial

Two months after being charged with allegedly sexually assaulting a 19-year-old girl and holding her hostage in his grandfather's villa, actor Cha Seung Won's son has plead guilty to smoking marijuana several times in the last year.

Cha No Ah, 24, appeared in Suwon District Court the South Korean city of Seongnam on Tuesday for his list of felony offenses, where his lawyer attempted to downplay accusations the star's son abused the drug.

"The defendant has confessed to the charge, but he does not personally purchase the marijuana or have a habit of smoking it," Cha No Ah's lawyer said according to the website allkpop.

"Currently, his health is not good and he is deeply reflecting upon his misconduct."

Cha No Ah has reportedly requested that he be sent to jail immediately.

And he will apparently get his wish. The judge gave him 10 months in prison for using marijuana and he must return to court on October 17 to receive his sentence for the sexual assault charges,

Back in August, his father took to the website me2day to accept the blame for his son's mistakes.

"First, I would like to apologize to everyone for being a father who has failed to raise his children properly." Cha Seung Won wrote, according to the Korea Star Daily.

"Regardless of the facts of the matter, I bear a huge responsibility as the father of a son who had been mired in this. I can't hide my sadness and hurt that I have right now, but I would like to express my deepest apologies to everyone once again."

Several days earlier, Seoul Central Police had arrested Cha No Ah on charges of raping the teen, who is reportedly still in high school, and imprisoning her in his grandfather's villa for months.

"Mr. Cha [No Ah] locked her into a vacation house that his grandfather owned since April until now and sexually assaulted and threatened her multiple times," said the prosecuting attorney.

A former fashion model, Cha Seung Won rose to fame as an actor for his role as an arsonist in the 2000 film "Libera Me."

Other film and television roles followed, including his popular portrayal of egomaniacal star Dokko Jin on the romantic comedy series "The Greatest Love."

Cha No Ah was arrested for marijuana possession back in March along with television personality Bianca Mobley of the show "Chit Chat With Beautiful Ladies" and Daniel of the K-pop boy band DMTN.

"I am very sorry to my family and everyone around me," Cha No Ah said during the closing arguments.  

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