World’s Worst Airports 2013: Ninoy Aquino International Airport In Manila Philippines Tops The List Again

For the second time in a row, Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila was named the world's worst airport in 2013, according to the voters of, an interactive website that gathers information from different reviewers. is often mentioned in travel blogs, sites and news programs like CNN and USAToday, using it as reference for travel reviews. The site started in 1994, intended to help budget travelers during long or overnight layovers. The site first had three airport reviews only however, through perseverance it now has 7,700 airport, train and bus station reviews, which will definitely benefit travelers from all-over the world. 

NAIA Terminal 1 was top of the list when voters from the site were asked about what airport they would consider as the worst in over-all experience. Last year, the same airport topped the list as the worst airport for sleeping.

The voters on the site based their decision by considering factors such as comfort, amenities and over-all experience from the airports they have chosen to vote.

There are four C's that the voters were asked to mull over when voting:

Comfort: Whether or not the terminal is crowded or if it offers limited and uncomfortable seats.

Convenience: This pertains to the availability of 24-hour food options or other recreational activities for travelers with long or overnight layovers.

This reviewer claims that perhaps people or voters of the site should consider NAIA's effort in making the airport a better place for its guests. As quoted from his/her review last January:

"I read that you keep on giving naia 1 tag as the worst airport in the world. But have you seen the area inside the airport? The toilets are better, in the boarding area floors are carpeted, there is led tv with cable tv in every hoarding areas, free wifi." - by Khalil

Cleanliness:  This deals with the condition of the amenities available in the airport terminal.

One reviewer of the website believed that his/her experience from Ninoy Aiquino International Aiport was rather a good experience contrary to it being tagged as the worst airport in the world.

"Many ppl were sleeping there, even locals, cos getting to the city is a bit complicated late at night (taxi only). The presence of the guard made me feel safe enough to even leave my stuff there when I went to the toilet (which were very clean, many staff cleaning it regularly). Great thing was the CHEAP FOOD, many choices." - by enzym (July, 2013)

Customer Service: The staff's attitude towards airport guests and the airport's policies that are not guest friendly, such as no sleeping policy are what to be considered for this factor.

Well this statement from one of the website's reviewers has something to say about NAIA's customer service:

"After processing and confirming our boarding passes for the connecting flights , we were immediately directed to the adjacent detention area with collapsing ceiling , smelly sofas and poor ventilation, according to the reviewer. We were convinced that the NAIA airport staff selectively detained Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese as Westerners from USA / Canada / Europe / Australia though with Chinese and Taiwanese spouses were immediately release and ask to leave the premises," c.young1010 added last August 31.

When asked for comment, Dante Basanta, NAIA Terminal 1 manager, said that problems mentioned on the travel website were old and repeated.

 "It's unfair for them to say that we have the world's worst airport because we've already implemented several improvements at the terminal for the past several months," Basanta tells Inquirer.

The photos that were used on the website were old one according to Basanta.

In addition, Basanta mentioned that to date, there are a total of 16 rest rooms that were already renovated, the ceilings at the boarding gates and waiting lounges were enhanced as well.

 "We're also improving water services; the replacement of old pipes is ongoing," he added.

NAIA Terminal 1 is the oldest of its four passenger terminals, which was built 32 years ago. The government had already launched a 2.5-billion-peso ($58 million) renovation programme for the terminal. The management is also trying to decongest the terminal by moving at least three million passengers a year to a newer terminal.

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