Jung IlWoo a Full Package: Dad is Representative of 'NaChulSoo'

Actor Jung IlWoo's perfection is once again rising as an issue.

It has been revealed that Jung HaeHoon (57), the leader of the 'NaChulSoo' fan club of AnChulSoo Seoul University Fusion Science and Technology, is the father of Jung IlWoo.

Jung IlWoo is currently receiving much love for his YangMyeong role in MBC drama 'The Moon That Embraces The Sun'. In the midst of this, he is under even a bigger spotlight as the fact that his father is a influential leader of Professor AnChulSoo's meetings. Jung HaeHoon is a former KBS reporter and now is the Chairman of the Council of the Norhtern Interchange. He is also serving as a professor at the KyungNam University.

Jung IlWoo already has the record of being under the spotlight for his grand family. His mother (52) is a professor of the University of Cultural Heritage under the Korean Traditional Culture. Also, his grandfather is the president of a hospital.

Jung IlWoo's company said "IlWoo wanted to be judged and graded solely on his acting skills, so he was very reluctant to reveal anything about his family members."

Meanwhile, Jung IlWoo debuted through the movie 'Quiet World' in 2006, and rose in popularity through the MBC sitcom 'Unstoppable Highkick'. After that, he was casted in the dramas 'Iljimae Returns', 'My Fair Lady', and '49 Days'.

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