Golden Dawn Shooting Leaves Two Dead in Greece; `The Government Stripped Us Naked So That We Can Be Killed’ (Video)

By Staff Writer | November 01, 2013 05:49 PM EDT


Golden Dawn shooting killed two members in Greece as the far-right and far-left battle it out for dominance. No group has claimed responsibility. No arrests have been made. The Golden Dawn shooting investigation has been taken over by the counterterrorism squad.

A drive-by shooting at the Golden Dawn party office in Athens' Neo Iraklio suburb killed two members dead and one wounded on Friday night. The police believe it was a far-left domestic terrorist attack. The Golden Dawn is a far-right political organization inspired by the Nazi Party.

The Greek government and opposition parties condemned the attack. Syriza, Greece's left-wing main opposition said the Golden Dawn shooting "targets democracy" in the country.

Golden Dawn lawmaker Georgios Germenis told The Associated Press that the two Golden Dawn members who were killed were shot at close range. The shots were fired from a motorcycle carrying two men. The two Golden Age victims were aged 22 and 27. The wounded man was taken to a hospital with severe gunshot wounds. He was 29.

Germenis said "A man got off a motorcycle wearing a helmet and shot them."

Georgios Germenis told the AP that the Golden Dawn shooting was recorded by the security camera at the party office.

The shooting happened during a government crackdown on the Golden Dawn. On Sept. 17 an anti-fascist musician was stabbed to death in Athens. The police arrested a Golden Dawn supporter and charged him charged with the killing. The Golden Dawn party leader and two of its legislators are in jail awaiting trial on charges of forming a criminal group. Golden Dawn has denied any wrongdoing.

Golden Dawn rose to national prominence during the crippling financial crisis in Greece. In last year's elections, the party won 18 of the Greek Parliament's 300 seats. Golden Dawn polls Greece's third most popular political party.

The far-left and anarchist extremist groups are very active in Greece. Extremist groups have claimed responsibility for a rash of shootings and bombings that killed two policemen and a journalist.

A police official who declined to be named said "We are examining every possibility, but the indications are that it is a terrorist attack."

Golden Dawn posted a statement on their website blaming the shooting on terrorists. The statement said "The criminals wanted to execute anybody outside the party offices. Before they drove off, the terrorists shot again at the boys lying on the ground. They literally emptied their weapons on them."

Nikos Dendias, Greece's Public Order Minister, said he was distressed by the shooting. "We will not allow the country to become a ground for the settling of accounts, for whatever reason." He said the violence started right after police pulled protection from the Golden Dawn Office.

Germenis told the AP "The government stripped us naked so that we can be killed. We had received threats at that office, and we informed the local police station. They had plainclothes police outside the office every day until today."

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