Big Bang G-Dragon Releases Japanese Short Version Videos Of 'Who You?' And 'Crooked'

By Adrienne Stanley | November 08, 2013 10:35 AM EST


On November 8th, G-Dragon released the Japanese short version of Crooked and Who You?.  While the short version of Crooked maintains much of the original context, Who You? is daring and original.

The Japanese release for Who You? was the first video for the single, which G-Dragon has performed as part of his comeback activities on music chart programs. The video is a compilation of footage taken by the artist and a thousand of G-Dragon's most devoted fans. The raw nature of these shots create an atmosphere that appears to be more like an indie rock documentary than the slick visual productions that are consistent with K-Pop. By placing himself in the situation in which he is completely surrounded by fans, G-Dragon not only takes a risk, but makes a strong artistic statement.

The video is an ode to performance artist Marina Abramovic's absurdest style of public display, in which the performer turns the attention away from ones self onto the audience. American rapper Jay-Z replicated this style by performing his song Picasso Baby for six consecutive hours at New York City's Pace Gallery. The ultimate irony for Jay-Z was that Marina Abramovic appeared at the end of his performance to jovially reclaim her art form. G-Dragon, however, places an interesting spin on this concept. With Who You? G-Dragon brings viewers to the uncomfortable reality that we are voyeurs in his life, waiting for him to perform or behave out of context, much like an inmate in an asylum.

As compared to a controlled setting filled with art aficionados, Who You? is shot amongst and by the fans. Fervent fans stretch above one another with their cameras and phones out to catch a glimpse of the Big Bang front man. However, G-Dragon is enclosed in a set, very much like a setting one would gaze upon in a museum or zoo. With his clothing, a car, and a piano one can believe that G-Dragon could stay there for eternity. This commentary on celebrity and the audience who adore performers is an example of the evolving artistic genius that continues to be seen in G-Dragon. Is G-Dragon a piece of living artwork, one of K-Pop's emerging geniuses, or is he like the animals in the zoo, trapped in a cage?

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