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Kpop Female Group Chi Chi Disbands, Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with their Short Time in the K-pop Spotlight

By Staff Reporter | November 16, 2013 03:19 AM EST


So as you all know, Kpop female group Chi Chi a.k.a. "Creative Electronic House Idols" has unfortunately disbanded. The group was comprised of Kim So Lee, Lee Ji Ah, Park Se Mi, Baek So Young, and Lee Bo Reum.

While everyone probably thought that the group will be a success, many were shocked and wondered why the group decided to disband. The group was really quiet and did not make any noise regarding their separation.  People found out when they started tweeting and asking "what happened to Chi Chi", "How is the group doing", and etc. Finally, their agency came out to say that "they have disbanded." No one knows why the group did this and are now wondering what they are doing since their separation. Probably some of the members are going solo or joining other girl groups. These questions are still left unanswered and hopefully someone from the members start singing or acting again soon.

Who is Chi Chi?

Chi Chi was supposed to be an eight-member group though went instead with seven who worked with entertainment label named "Trophy Entertainment." The ladies made their debut on March 18, 2011 and quickly got exposed and gained fans. They looked like they were going to last and be able to compete with the other female groups during that year, their singing career looked bright.

Problems Within the Group

Though the group was successful with their songs and looked great when they performed on-stage, behind closed doors, the ladies were having problems. You think that the girls are happy and smiling on-stage and all, though inside, they were probably not all happy.

The group had numerous changes with members leaving the group. The ladies who left the group were Yoon Hye Won, Son Jung Ae, and Lee Joon Ji. It is still uncertain why they left the group.  Though I can tell you that the group were great in-which their supporters truly loved their music. Since the group as well as the agency could not find talented singers, they decided that it was best to disband.

Videos From Them

Let's take a trip down memory lane as you watch all of the videos from the ladies. Their journey was sweet and short so let's enjoy their music.

Chi Chi "Love is Energy"

Chi Chi "Longer"

Chi Chi "Don't Play Around

Chi Chi "Longer"

Chi Chi "Don't Play Around

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