Star Wars Episode 7 Casting Rumors: Director J.J. Abrams To Cast ‘Some Fantastic Actors Who Happen To Be British’ On The Upcoming Sequel

Looks like we'll be seeing more British actors in the upcoming Star Wars Episode 7 movie as director J.J. Abrams admits that "It wouldn't be Star Wars if there wasn't some fantastic actors who happen to be British," as told by Abrams to author Neil Gaiman. "But I think we're doing our job and looking everywhere for the best possible actors for the roles."

With the movie about to start filming in London early next year and with the casting call being closed, the more important question right now is who will be included in the cast of the most awaited sci-fi film?

"Nothing is more important," Abrams added about the recently concluded casting process. "There are things that are as important, but nothing is more important than casting a movie great and I have been incredibly lucky to be involved in projects that we've had wonderful casts and wonderful casting directors to make it happen.

"The last thing you want to do, when you're collaborating on something, is work with people where you have to do their job for them and kind-of give them notes every way. You want people who inspire you and elevate it."

Meanwhile, with all the rumors circulating Star Wars Episode 7 casting, the only character that has been confirmed for the movie is R2-D2. The much loved astromech droid will be back to put a smile on everyone as it was seen in a photo posted on the movie's website along with Episode 7 director and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy with the creators of Artoo, Matt Lee and Oliver Steeples.

The return of Harrison Ford, playing the much-coveted role of Han Solo, also sparked together with the rumors about Han Solo's always-unreliable spacecraft, Millennium Falcon, already built in the studio and just waiting for the movie production. While singer James Blunt revealed Carrie Fisher reprising her role in Episode 7 with a possible hint on Star War's recently launched official Instagram account posting an image of slaved Leai's.

Lucasfilm and Disney Movies already announced that Star Wars Episode 7 is due to hit theaters on Dec. 18, 2015.

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