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Dara Revealed That Manager Jjangmae Will Transfer To Manage WINNER

By Hei Ryung | December 16, 2013 07:05 AM EST


Dara revealed that 2NE1's manager, nicknamed 'Jjangmae', is going to transferred and manage WINNER.

Dara posted her message saying, "Huk.... I was watching 'WINNER TV', and found Jjangmae... It was 0.5 seconds, but I saw it... He should keep coming out.. I'm going to keep watching".

She continued sharing by saying, "I can see familiar luggages.. It was true that Jjangmae was sharing my favorite places ?.? Let me tell you. Jjangmae, who has been with us for the past four year, has left us to fly to our hoobaes. Cry.. Missing you.. Missing you Missing youuuuu..". 

At the end, Dara said , "Ah, this is funny keke. Blackjacks, why are you so happy that Jjangmae left? kekekekeke. This is comedy... Maybe the target of 'Missing You' was actually Jjangmae? kekeke. Anyway, please love our lovely hoobaes WINNER, too ^_^ They're so young".

We wish you all the best Jjangmae, WINNER, Dara and the rest of 2NE1!

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