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Music Bank Highlight: Cho Yong Pil Wins # 1 on the December 20, 2013 Annual Year End Special Episode + Performance Recap

By James Buhain | December 22, 2013 12:30 AM EST


Hey everyone!!! The holidays are here and "KBS Music Bank" held its special holiday episode last night which your favorite K-pop stars dressed up in Christmas colors!! The stage was also set to the style and colors of Christmas.

Last night's episode was really special by having numerous of your stars coming on-stage to perform your favorite Christmas songs as well as collaborating with other K-pop singers. For the holiday-themed special,  IU as well as K.Will performed "Let it Snow" which is a special classic Christmas song and 2PM's Junho and Miss A's Suzy sang, "Way Back into Love". The fabulous ladies Nine Muses dressed up by singing, "Santa Baby", while male group VIXX and female group Girl's Day collaborated to sing Trouble Maker's song, "Now". The angels of AOA, TEEN TOP, and M.I.B performed Psy's "Gentleman".  And, Ailee, Dynamic Duo, beautiful SISTAR's Hyorin, 2PM's Wooyoung, A Pink's Na Eun, as well as TEEN TOP's Niel performed together to sing, "Last Christmas". A Pink's Eunji and BEAST's Kikwang had a fun "Sleigh Ride." Finally, everyone came together on-stage to sing "Must Have Love!" Lots of great Christmas songs!!

Your winner for last night's special episode was Cho Yong Pil by winning song of the year for his song "Bounce!" Congratulations!!! Since the nominees were for all artists of 2013, Cho Yong Pil was the huge winner for this year!!! 2013 is a great year for Cho!!

So, let's get into the Christmas spirit by going over the performance recaps for this awesome special episode!

Performance Recaps

SHINee came back last night by wearing the colors of Christmas to perform "Everybody." We really missed the guys and it showed last night by the audience screaming all through their performance. Like always, energy and charisma is what the guys brought yesterday night. Great performance guys!!

BEAST came out with their new song by singing "Shadow." The song is upbeat which the crowd loved by screaming all through their performance. I like this style of return for the guys. Great song and performance guys!

Wow, it has been a really long time since the guys of 2PM performed together. Glad to see them perform "Come Back When You Hear This Song" which the crowd screamed all through their performance!! The guys definitely made their return by this song and they have not changed at all and still look great! 

The gorgeous four of Miss A came to perform "Hush" though it did not keep the audience silent. 

The guys of EXO came out yesterday to perform "Growl" which the audience screamed all through their performance. The guys brought their energy as well as charisma which the audience truly loved.

INFINITE had a "Destiny" performance last night as they came with full of energy as well as charisma last night. Choreography is always in-sync for the guys and audience loved their performance. 

Fabulous ladies of SISTAR performed the remix version of "Give it to Me" last night by looking gorgeous as always. The ladies wore a red dress to signify the holiday season. 

Male group VIXX performed their song, "Voodoo Doll" last night which like always, brought energy as well as charisma on-stage. 

Adorable IU came on-stage with "The Red Shoes" which the crowd loved by being entertained. We missed seeing IU perform with her great personality and charisma. We love how IU has changed over the years. 

KARA came out to sing about a "Damaged Lady" by coming out for the special episode last night. The ladies look beautiful as always. Crowd screamed and loved their performance as the girls chose a gorgeous wardrobe. The ladies are all grown-up. 

Ailee came on-stage last night to perform "U&I." She always knows how to get the crowd going and is never a disappointment when performing. Great voice and wardrobe chosen for the special night. Crowd screamed and loved her performance!! Great performance to the queen!

K.Will performed an outstanding performance by performing "You Don't Know Love" by having a special Christmas to it. Awesome job K.Will!!! Crowd screamed and loved his performance!

4minute asked, "What's Your Name" last night as they brought energy as well as a different version than the original one. Crowd screamed and truly loved their performance. Great job ladies!

Crayon Pop performed both of their songs last night which were "Lonely Christmas" and "Bar Bar Bar." Crowd were screaming and fan chanting which was just great!! Crayon Pop really do know how to bring entertainment on-stage.

A Pink came out last night to perform "No No No" by wearing pink for the night. Once again, different version of the song which the crowd liked. Crowd were entertained and enjoyed their performance. Great job ladies!

What are your "Expectations" for this Christmas is what Girl's Day performed last night. By having a Christmas theme to it, the audience loved their performance. Great job as always ladies!!

TEEN TOP is back and they are asking you ladies if your "Miss Right" for this holiday season. Crowd screamed and loved the guys performance. I like this version than the original one. Great job as always by bringing energy on-stage!

Guys, have you been a good boy this year??? If so, the gorgeous nine ladies of Nine Muses have a special performance for you. The ladies dressed up by singing "Santa Baby" to celebrate the holidays. Nine presents to definitely put under your Christmas tree. Very great performance ladies!

Christmas Collaboration Extravaganza Recap!

Wooyoung, Ailee, Hyorin, and more came out to sing "Last Christmas" bringing exciting nostalgic energy in the atmosphere.

IU and K.Will performed "Let it Snow" with a beautifully decorated set. Great collaboration from the two. IU looked gorgeous and K.Will looked handsome. Great job!

VIXX and Girl's Day came on-stage to perform Trouble Maker's song, "Now." All did great and HyunA and Hyunseung must have approved that performance.

2PM's Junho and Miss A's Suzy came on-stage to sing a beautiful song "Way Back Into Love" which the crowd enjoyed. The two looked like an adorable couple on-stage and should collaborate more.

TEEN TOP, AOA, and M.I.B came out to do a special performance of Psy's "Gentleman" which entertained the crowd. 

A Pink's Eunji and BEAST's Kikwang had a fantastic "Sleigh Ride" which the crowd enjoyed watching the collaboration. Nice duo performance!

All the artists came together to sing "Must Have Love." You need to have love this holiday season. So stay together and spend time with friends and family.





Miss A










Crayon Pop

A Pink

Girl's Day


Nine Muses


K-stars Christmas Collaboration Extravaganza!

Wooyoung + Naeun + Niel + Hyorin + Ailee + others - "Last Christmas"

IU and K.Will - "Let it Snow"

VIXX and Girl's Day - "Now"

Suzy and Junho - "Way Back Into Love"

M.I.B, TEEN TOP, AOA - "Gentleman"

A Pink's Eunji and BEAST Kikwang - "Sleigh Ride"

All Music Artists - "Must Have Love"

Merry Christmas everyone from the staff here at KpopStarz!!

Photo Credit: Kpop Selca

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