YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk Plans To Debut 4 New Bands In 2014, Won't Disclose If Team B From 'WIN: Who Is Next' Is 1 Of Them

It wasn't what YG Entertainment co-founder and CEO Yang Hyun Suk said in an interview Sunday with the South Korean publication Sports Chosun, but what he didn't say, that was the most noteworthy.

Though Yang vowed to debut four new bands on his label in 2014, he refused to comment about whether the losing Team B from the reality show "WIN: Who Is Next?" will be among them.

When the question came up, Yang reportedly made a zipper motion over his mouth.

A reality show that pitted two teams of K-pop performers against each other, the winning team of "WIN: Who Is Next," was given the opportunity to become YG Entertainment's newest boy band, WINNER.

Yet many "WIN: Who Is Next" viewers expressed disappointment that their beloved Team B lost the contest. Many have called for the label to debut Team B as well, something Yang has said from the show's creation that he would not do.

But there are signs he could be warming to the idea.

Beyond Yang's emotional outpouring during the series finale of "WIN: Who IS NEXT," Team B joined WINNER onstage at a show earlier this month, during the latter group's slot opening for YG veteran superstars Big Bang on their six-dome tour of Japan, a move the YG CEO had to have had a hand in.

Though he refused to give out many details about his label's planned new artist blitz, Yang, who was once a member of seminal K-pop act Seo Taiji and Boys, discussed the vision at his record label for the coming year in the broader sense.

"2014 is an important year for YG," he said.

"Big Bang's third full album comes out this summer and 2NE1 is set to kick off their second world tour, which is a first for a girl group. International star, Psy, will be revealing something new."

"And four new groups will be making a debut."

Yang offered only one other detail about the four new YG Entertainment groups, that one of them would be a girl group in the style of 2NE1, adding that none of the new projects were being undertaken at his label without heavy planning.

"This is not a hasty decision," he said. "YG aims to widen the spectrum of its artists with the new groups."

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