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"Rain Effect" Showed Two Sides of Rain - The Workaholic and the Playful

By Staff Reporter | January 29, 2014 06:44 AM EST


Singer and actor Rain is back in the spotlight after receiving critical acclaim for his finale performance with Tae Jin Ah has his title songs regaining popularity. The mash-up collaboration of "La Song" became popular because it appealed to the viewers who were finally able to see Rain as an 11-year veteran Korean Pop star.

That is, the fans saw Rain's humility in giving the fans what they wanted. This kind of appeal began with his Mnet reality show, "Rain Effect". It was a 6-week special programming that followed Rain through his comeback processes. The show successfully portrayed Rain as an accessible, down to earth person. Most fans expect stars to be off-handish and hard to access, but "Rain Effect" cleared up many misconceptions about Rain.

It's only curious, then, to see whether the producer of "Rain Effect" saw what the fans saw as he was putting the show together.

Throughout the filming of "Rain Effect", producer Shin Chun Ji never left his side. In fact, he is heard directing at Rain throughout the course of the show. He wasn't, however, a fan of Rain prior to the show.

"Many producers who produce these kinds of reality TV show volunteer for the project because they are fans themselves. I'm a little embarrassed to say that I wasn't Rain's fan at all. I was indifferent until the project just fell into my lap, at which point I did my research and listened to his music."

Shin's lack of fanship toward Rain was critical in bringing a non-biased view of Rain to the fans through "Rain Effect". However, it is curious as to why he decided to produce the show if he wasn't a big fan of Rain.

"I was interested when I heard about it since it was the first of its kind for Rain. Many people know about Rain, but don't know Rain. What does he do when he rests? Who does he talk to and how does he talk to people? Those things made me very curious."

There were many people who asked whether "Rain Effect" was a way to cover up Rain's scandalous behavior during his army service. Rain was in the center of controversy when it let known that he had taken a leave of absence for almost 26 days at a time. To such accusations, Shin directs his attention to the editing of the show.

"If we truly wanted to cater to Rain's image, we would've asked him the hard questions and had him answer back in tears. We would also have him do community service in front of the camera. The producer of a show may be partial to the cast, but reality show producers can't be partial at all, or it loses all value as a 'reality' show."

It wasn't easy for Shin to try to capture Rain as a person. Trying to get Rain to talk in front of a camera for hours was not ideal. With Rain's image so perfectly engraved in the public's mind, it was difficult to present Rain as a person who is often very different from the public perception.

"The only thing that we could do was to follow him around and just throw that on TV unedited. That in itself was a challenge, because Rain is really boring in person. Not his personality, of course. It's his work - he's just working constantly. He doesn't drink much or play games. He just practices, broadcasts, and then goes home. It was so repetitive that we really needed to work on our editing to make it semi-interesting."

Ten cameras followed Rain 24/7 for a total of 273 hours of footage each day, but the producers, co-producers, and editors were fishing for usable footage each day.

"Programs like 'Lee Hyori's X Unni' were fun because Hyori is very social. There was also a lot of footage that had to do with styling that many people found educational and entertaining. With 'Rain Effect', I felt like the documentary filmmakers who set up a camera in the middle of a jungle and wait for a tiger to walk buy."

The Rain that Shin saw was very different from expectation. Shin confessed that he didn't know what to expect of Rain the "world" star who was the person of the year on 2011's TIME 100. He was able to get a feel for Rain's international popularity when he filmed Rain acting on the set of The Prince with Bruce Willis.

"Rain's popularity may be higher internationally. Many people were smothering us to the point of shadowing him with a camera difficult. Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA... there wasn't a single location where people didn't recognize him to be a star."

However, the Rain that Shin saw and loved was the person that he was when he was away from the limelight. He liked the Rain that struggled to turn on the TV and the washing machine. He liked the Rain that cleaned up consistently after his dogs. He liked the Rain that would use lotion and makeup until it was completely gone from the container.

"There was one segment by one of his friends that didn't make it onto the show where his friend called him a '12-year old kid stuck in a man's body'. That's the Rain that I hope people see and love. He's not a diva, and he certainly doesn't want to be treated as one."

Rain was certainly childlike, but he was also warm, personable, and caring. Shin revealed the most memorable moment he had with Rain.

"Rain, Rain's manager, and I were going to Korea while our filming crew decided to stay in the US for additional filming. We were stranded at Atlanta for about 10 hours on the connecting flight to LAX. I know that he was tired because he didn't get a chance to sleep at all while filming, so I expected him to enter the VIP lounge and take a nap. It was a place that I didn't have the privilege to enter, so I decided to stick it out outside. Rain didn't enter the VIP lounge at all but stayed with me for the entire 10 hours. There were no cameras filming him. He did it because he genuinely cared about me, even though I'm really a nobody to him. That's when I really became his fan."

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