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Music Core Showreel: B1A4 Wins On The February 8, 2014 Episode + Performance Recap

By James B | February 09, 2014 05:10 AM EST


"Music Core" is back for another week of great performances as well stage settings from some of your favorite K-Pop stars.

The stars that made their comeback last night were Gain for "Truth or Dare", Shinhwa's Minwoo or M made his comeback by taking a "Taxi", GP Basic made their return with "Pika-Burnjack", SISTAR's Soyou and Jung Gi Go performed "Some", Roh Ji Hoon had "A Song for You", Lip Service made their debut by saying, "Yum Yum Yum", and B.A.P had an "1004 (Angel)."

Nominations for the night were Girl's Day, Ailee, and B1A4. Though the winner was B1A4 for their song, "Lonely." Congratulations!!

By all this being said, here is the performance recap from last night.

Performance Recaps and Videos

B1A4 has their original hair color as they performed "Lonely." Last Friday on "Music Bank," they did not tie their scarf at the beginning; though last night they did. The song is addicting; which is why they are winning first place on the major music shows. Congratulations B1A4!!

GOT7 said "Girls Girls Girls" last night as they once again brought energy, winks, charisma, and flips on-stage. It will be interesting to see Yugeom do some tricks or flips when they do their next comeback. Reason is because he said that he was better than Mark. Will you like to see Yugeom do some flips? Also, do you think GOT7 will be a sub-unit group in the future? JB and JR has more lines compared to the other guys. The rest are basically just back-up dancers; the lyrics or parts are not equally shared. Do you agree? Hopefully, "JYP Entertainment" is not biased and that they give more lines to the other members on their next comeback.

Gain wants to know the truth for "Truth or Dare." With her slim figure, she brings the sexy concept differently compared to the other female groups who did this concept. She is sexy while mature; the females need to learn from her. Which song do you like? "Truth or Dare" or "Fxxk U"? This track is okay; though what will be the modifications if the music shows allowed her to promote "Fxxk U"?

Minwoo, the veteran of K-Pop took a "Taxi" by showing that he still has it by bringing great entertainment. He is just like Rain. This song is a classic and definitely one that is going to be remembered. Did you notice that Gain and Minwoo wore the same colors in-terms of wardrobe; blue on "Music Bank" and red for last night. Probably, their stylish selves must know each other. Though Shinhwa's Minwoo has the image of Seungri; he is really smooth and can dance just like him.

Rookie female group Kiss&Cry came out to play the "Domino Game." Why is there more attention on Dia? Dia is not the only one in the group, her other members are talented and important as well. Kiss&Cry, while their agency is not known yet, they are rapidly getting noticed. Definitely, this girls will look back and see how far they have climbed. One day, this girls will be at the top. So, are you a fan of Kiss&Cry?

Rainbow Blaxx did the "Cha Cha" last night by showing their long legs. There are numerous criticisms going on now that Jaekyung revealed that she denied joining female group KARA. She is talented and can make it anywhere even if she was with KARA; this just shows her devotion to Rainbow instead. What did you think when Jaekyung revealed this?

Wow, nice outfit which is the best one from all of their wardrobes they wore for the past few weeks. AOA wore a sexy dress that just made them look gorgeous. "Miniskirt" is what the angels performed last night. Looks like all of the female groups are going for a sexier concept as they make their return. What do you think regarding their wardrobe? Like or unlike?

B.A.P are back!! With energy as well a powerful song, B.A.P are all grown up. "1004 (Angel)" is a great comeback which they will definitely be nominated and take some first place trophies. If you want B.A.P to win on "M Countdown" next week, please vote for them. The guys deserve it; especially now with this comeback.

Soyou and Jung Gi Go performed "Some" last night. The chemistry between this two is really cute; eye contact between Soyou and Jung Gi Go makes this song beautiful for Valentine's Day. What do you think regarding this song from Soyou? Better than "Stupid in Love"?

Spica, the ladies who can sing one hundred percent live, really are something. Their vocals are just amazing. Spica said, "You Don't Love Me" last night. Though they are loved as they are nominated for tomorrow's episode of "Inkigayo." Do you think they will win and take a first place trophy?

TVXQ really has "Something" as each week and day that they perform, the duo always bring great energy as well charisma. The guys never shows any signs of fatigue; always alive and ready to entertain the audience.

Girl's Day had another great performance by numerous changes for "Something." The girls are being creative so that the audience does not get bored seeing the same choreography each week. The feather dance was performed last night; so, will the ladies do the cat tail tomorrow on "Inkigayo"?

GP Basic came out with energy as they performed "Pika-Burnjack." This female group has numerous talent which deserve support as well love. Hopefully, they get nominated or gain more fans with this single that they are currently promoting.

Dal Shabet came out to perform "B.B.B. (Big Baby Baby)" which they had to edit as well delete some of the lyrics. Plus, it looked as if they were rushed on their performance. Very fast tempo. Looks like the girls did not compose a really great song to make them get nominated or place at the top of the charts. Hopefully, they can compose a better one for their next comeback.

Lip Service said "Yum Yum Yum" by bringing their colorful and catchy single. At first hearing this group and track, you will think Lip Service is an okay group; though they are really not that bad. While the song tells about food being good and all, the girls can compose a much better single. What do you think regarding this duo?

Koyote showed how the fashion was during "1999" while keeping it full of fun. Numerous energy from Koyote. The group are considered now a veteran group by still proving that they can compose as well bring great music still.

Listen up, Roh Ji Hoon has "A Song For You" by first having an audition concept at the beginning of his performance. After, he proves that he can really sing and has such great talent in-terms of his vocals. Not only his vocals, but this single was both composed in-terms of lyrics and music. Roh mixes hip-hop and modern all together which comes out perfect in the end. "A Song For You" tells about a guy who does not forget about the girl he broke up with and lost. Though, this special woman will always stay in his heart as well memories.

Hong Dae Kwang, who was one of the finalists on "Superstar K4," performed "No Answer" last night. Though do not think Hong is not receiving any responses, he is getting popular and fans are starting to love his songs. Show this rising superstar why he deserves to be in the Korean music industry by supporting and being a fan.

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