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Why Did YG Entertainment Yang Hyun Suk Challenge SM Entertainment?

By Staff Writer | February 18, 2014 04:01 AM EST


What was YG Entertainment Yang Hyun Suk thinking when he challenged SM Entertainment?

The music world is abuzz with the announcement of 2NE1's album release date on the 24th, which also happens to be the date when Girls' Generation is scheduled to release their new album. Two of the best girl groups are coming back on the same day, which is an unprecedented practice in the music industry.

So what was Yang Hyun Suk thinking when he made this decision? He said, "Four years ago 2NE1 released their first album in September of 2010. The album contained songs that had already been released as singles, plus some new songs. This upcoming album is the first time since 2NE1's debut that they are releasing an album with all new songs," and explained in considerable detail the meaning behind the new album.

But this doesn't answer the question as to why he chose the same exact comeback date as Girls' Generation. After all, they had announced last year that they would be releasing new songs in February. It's industry practice to usually avoid the same date. Essentially, Yang Hyun Suk has taken a shot at SM Entertainment's senior producer Lee Soo Man.

SM Entertainment has been extremely busy promoting Girls' Generation's comeback for the 24th. They released a 3 second teaser to pique the fans' curiosity on the 11th. They've also been dropping hints here and there about the group's upcoming fashion or song concepts. But when 2NE1 announced their comeback, the spotlight has been divided into two. It's even true that Girls' Generation now stands below 2NE1 on a popular portal site entertainment news section.

In the music industry the first week after a new song release is said to determine an album's success. The singer(s) should most definitely take an all kill on music sites, and usually get ranked in the top spots on various music programs. Accordingly, agencies usually use most of their firepower and funds during the first 1-2 weeks following the new song release.

Although the comeback dates have overlapped, in actuality there is about a week's gap between the two groups. Girls' Generation will release their title song "Mr.Mr" on the 19th, when they will directly go into on/offline activities. However, 2NE1 will release their full music video on the 28th, and will have their first new album performance on March 1st during their concert.

But is the one week gap significant? Music sites, which are instrumental in album sales, are filled with music wars that start simultaneously with a new song or album release.

And of course, Girls' Generation isn't a group that will shine for one week and disappear into the background. As they enter into their second week, Girls' Generation will be joined by 2NE1, and the two will go head to head in fighting for the top spots with their respective new song/album activities. Which girl group's song will play during the final minutes of music programs, which is reserved for only the hottest stars? Which girl groups will be featured on entertainment programs? Which members will rank higher in popularity?

Whereas usually these situations are avoided by many, it's no big surprise that Yang Hyun Suk would make such a decision.

Actually this year is vital for YG Entertainment. In 2012 YG had a downwards curve in the stock market, and was not successful in capturing the hearts of investors. They had a grim third quarter, and the fourth quarter earnings were predicted to be just as weak.

In order to dramatically change the downwards curve, YG had to take drastic measures. The company didn't see avoiding competition as their best bet.

For 2NE1, they have nothing to lose.

But no matter what, Girls' Generation won't be giving up their number 1 spot easily. And although their "I Got a Boy" did have split evaluations, they were able to garner a huge interest as Korea's leading girl group, as they always have.

So even if equal competition is to unfold among the two girl groups, to 2NE1 it's just as good as winning. Just by competing against Girls' Generation, 2NE1 will be considered as a leading competitor for the best girl group in Korea.

And if 2NE1 is able to overtake Girls' Generation, then 2014 will be an extremely successful year for YG. Since its inception in 1994, SM has been a leading brand company, and YG is definitely putting forth their best foot in competition. If 2NE1 succeeds this time, then YG will be known as the best girl group's agency, and will be able to put a dent in their main competition SM's leading girl group Girls' Generation.

If anything, in the face of uncertainty, which is the biggest problem for the any enterprise business, YG has a chance to bring in income that is greater than what was analyzed and predicted for the company.

That's why Lee Soo Man and Yang Hyun Suk's battle is special. Of course, Lee Soo Man is determined to keep Girls' Generation as the number 1 girl group. But Yang Hyun Suk is not willing to make it easy for his competitor. Depending on which girl group ultimately ends up on top, the music industry can change, and that's why Yang Hyun Suk has chosen to go up against SM Entertainment.

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