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SBS Inkigayo Round-up: Sunmi Wins #1 On The March 2, 2014 Episode

By James B | March 03, 2014 02:07 AM EST


"SBS Inkigayo" is back for another week of great performances from some of your favorite K-Pop stars. Awesome stage settings, fan chants, and screams are all heard last night. Your hosts for the night were Lee Yu Bi, ZE:A's Kwanghee, and EXO's Suho and Baek Hyun who are the new MC's.

The stars who made their return last night were BESTie who made their return by saying, "Thank U Very Much", Nell went "Four Times Around The Sun", TVXQ returned with their awesome single "Spellbound", CNBLUE with "Can't Stop", Melody Day made their debut by having "Another Parting", and new female group 1PS made their debut with "Because I'm A Girl."

Your nominees for the night were BTOB, Soyou & Jung Gi Go, and Sunmi. This is so tough to decide; the winner for the March 2, 2014 episode was Sunmi for her new single, "Full Moon!" Congratulations to the new winner!!!

With all this being said, let's get into the performance recaps.

Performance Recaps + Videos


Nell made an awesome comeback for his new single. Nell and the rest of his band members traveled "Four Times Around The Sun." With his beautiful and peaceful song, hopefully Nell gets nominated and wins a trophy next week. Nell returned this week; did you enjoy his new single?


BESTie said "Thank U Very Much" in numerous languages and the words on-stage said it. BESTie would like to thank their fans around the world for supporting them and being a fan. BESTie will return the love by composing great songs that are easy to listen. Are you loving the new single from BESTie?


CNBLUE makes his return for "Can't Stop." Their new single is a hit and with all the competition that they will face next week; hopefully CNBLUE gets nominated. The wardrobe that they wore last night was nice as it was blue with white poco dots. Yonghwa's is really amazing by having a great voice. While Yonghwa plays at the piano, he should stand up. The camera person did a great job on showing each member. What is your opinion regarding CNBLUE's new single?


The pretty ladies of 1PS performed their single, "Because I'm Your Girl" as they looked fabulous last night. This girls will definitely make it and are gaining fans each week. The ladies are signed under the agency of Supernova's "Maroo Entertainment." Overall for this week, what is your opinion of 1PS?

Melody Day

Melody Day had "Another Parting" has they made their debut last night on "Inkigayo." With their amazing vocals, the ladies at least deserves a nomination. Fabulous voices will definitely get them there. The ladies made their debut this week, what do you think about the girls and their debut?


TVXQ, the king of K-Pop really knows how to set the stage. They elevate the stage by setting the bar high. TVXQ will put you in a "Spellbound" as they go to the casino and gets lucky. Ladies pops out everywhere and they are gorgeous. Fan chants was amazing as they were really loud from the beginning until end. The audience really do love Yunho and Changmin. With the competition of 2NE1 and Girls' Generation making their comeback; hopefully TVXXQ gets nominated and win. Are you in a "Spellbound" with TVXQ?


Sunmi performed as professionally done performance by setting the stage as one you will see in a vampire scene. The "Full Moon" came out last night and with this moon was a trophy attached to it. Sunmi stopped the winning streak by paralyzing Soyou on her winning. Sunmi won the trophy last night. Congratulations again to her win. Are you happy for her win?


GOT7 performed their hit single, "I Like You" as this is probably the end for their promotion. Sadly, their performance was cut short. Mark's and JB's lip biting will just make women go crazy. The "let's break it down" part is definitely the best part. This is going to make you dance. If this is GOT7's goodbye stage, how do you think the guys' did? Are you definitely a fan of JYP's new male group?


B.A.P wore black leather wardrobes as they sang, "1004 (Angel)." With their powerful new single, B.A.P are spreading their wings trying to forget. Though, it is hard so they come back feeling loved. B.A.P is a group that their fans really enjoy watching. Unfortunately, their performance was cut even though they owned the stage like it was a concert. Are you spreading your wings with B.A.P?

Soyou and Jung Gi Go

ZE:A's Kwanghee being an entertainer and giving a cotton candy for Soyou was funny. Kwanghee is having so much. Soyou and Jung Gi Go performed their beautiful song, "Some." The stage was nice by having stuffed animals big and small. Soyou looked pretty last night. While Soyou and Jung did not win, the duo had a great winning streak. Were you shock that Soyou and Jung did not win last night?


BTOB performed their new single "Beep Beep." Though their music was cut on too many parts, the guys still did a great job. Luckily, the guys were not confused. Are you liking BTOB's new single?

SM The Ballad

SM The Ballad who are SHINee's Jonghyun and Girls' Generation's Taeyeon performed the beautiful ballad song, "Breath." Taeyeon really needs to express the feeling of this song because it is supposed to be emotionally powerful. Though, she just stand on one spot which was kind of awkward even though she looked great last night. Jonghyun really wish that he was paired with f(x)'s Krystal. What do you think on Taeyeon's performance with Jonghyun? Who will she like paired with?

Ladies’ Code

Ladies' Code are so "So Wonderful" as they performed their new single. While the ladies are still underrated, they are really great and deserve numerous attention. They should be up there with the other best female groups. Sojung and Rise looked really cute last night. Are you liking their new single as well the group?

Boys Republic

Welcome and join the "Video Game" as Boys Republic takes you to a world where life is easy and everything is digital. The guys are perfect singers when it comes to singing live; such a shame that their performance was cut short. Once or twice, Boys Republic sings their full song. The "Video Game" portal is open; only you decide if you want to enter it. Will you join the "Video Game?"


SPEED are so fast that they cannot slow down. The group said, "Don't Tease Me" as their wardrobe as well the stage was colorful. Truly had numerous props as the stage looked like a circus. At the end of the performance by Sungmin doing that high air flip, it is truly dangerous. What do you think about Sungmin's flip in the air? Core Contents Media really are bringing awesome idols to the K-Pop industry.


BTS (Bangtan Boys) are "Boy In Luv" as they came out with their strong as well energetic single. This guys are always great to watch as each week gets better. Their wardrobe has a little resemblance to EXO by wearing a blazer and tie. Jungkook's rap is always awesome and one that BTS fans love. Rap Monster's hair looked great last night. Ladies, are you in-love with BTS?


K-Much came out with their techno beat single by asking, "What Should I Do." This single is great and fans of K-Much are loving their new single promotion. While they are still underrated, this male group is quickly gaining numerous fans. If your not yet a fan of this guys, are you now?

Lip Service

Lip Service said "Yum Yum Yum" with their awesome rapping last night. The duo is great; though too bad their performance was cut short. Hopefully, Lip Service can perform their full single before their promotion is over. The message of their single is to eat. Ladies do not need to diet; instead, eat a healthy meal. Are you saying "Yum Yum Yum" with the duo?

Tae One

Tae One came out by slowing down the setting of all the idols with his sad ballad song "Break Away." The song tells about the hardship one feels when a person is broke up with the person he or she loves. What do you think about his new single?

GP Basic

GP Basic comes out with their single "Pika-Burnjack." While the song is okay; the girls are not really gaining numerous fans with this promotion. GP Basic will need to come out with an even better single. "Pika-Burnjack" is just not a great song for the girls. What do you think about GP Basic's single? Like or not?

Photo Credit: Newsen

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