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Review: Key Of SHINee And Woohyun Of Infinite Bring The Funk On 'You're My Lady' With Their New Duo Project Toheart [AUDIO]

By Jesse Lent | March 13, 2014 06:33 PM EDT


K-pop's hottest new supergroup has got to be Toheart.

Featuring vocalists Nam Woohyun and Kim "Key" Kibum, the group shows they are a duo to be reckoned with on their new single "You're My Lady."

While the track suffers a bit from digitalitis, (a term I just made up, to describe the ability for digital technology to create a sort of soul vacuum) the warmth that the two singers of Toheart bring to the track overcomes any production shortcomings.

All the elements are here, a sweet drum groove, a burning band, and the right pacing to give the song the live feel missing from so much of pop music in its current phase.

The horn stabs, arranged with tasteful restraint, are a nice touch, giving "You're My Lady" that Prince-like passion.

All the guitar and keyboard flourishes are nicely arranged as well. Rarely do they end up in Berklee College of Music, shredding territory. Instead the wah-wah guitar and even the slap bass serve as an homage to 1970s funk, instead of a parody of it.

With precision and deliberation, Key and Woohyun craft a soothing R&B sound here. Like the master of the bedtime jam R. Kelly, the song remains danceable, while still keeping its cool.

This is not music for teenagers. Not to say teenage fans of SHINee or Infinite won't enjoy it, but the vibe is definitely more for the fully grown.

There is little of the pep, the gloss or the showiness that characterizes most music marketed to the teen audience.

But for listeners just seeking a quality jam, "You're My Lady" is, without a doubt, worth a listen.

Listen to the new single "You're My Lady" by Key Of SHINee and Woohyun Of INFINITE's new project Toheart RIGHT HERE

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