'Fashion King' Kang Young Gul Killed!

SBS drama 'Fashion King' came to an end on May 22 with a tragic ending. The last episode showed the secret plot of Jae Hyuk (Lee Jae Hoon) and Jo Ma Dam (Jang Mi Hee) that eventually led to the death of Kang Young Gul (Yoo Ah In).

Previously, Kang Young Gul betrayed J Fashion's Jae Hyuk and had taken over the office building of Jo Ma Dam, who was the main source of Ka Young's troubles. Jo Ma Dam reached out to Jae Hyuk for help in planning revenge against Kang Young Gul. Jo Ma Dam stated, “Young Gul bought an officetel in New York City and even bought a new luxury car. Who could continuously support a guy like him. I have a good plan that would take Kang Young Gul out of the whole picture” and smiled slyly.

Jo Ma Dam continued, “First, we need to attack him through the press. We need to expose his wasteful lifestyle. Then, we can make a same brand and attract all of his investors and supporters with lower prices and costs.”

Jae Hyuk, who eventually decides to join Jo Ma Dam's secret plot, begins to play along the secret plot. When Jae Hyuk begins his attempt to steal away all of Kang Young Gul's clients, Kang Young Gul actually comes to a state of panic with his brand on the line.

After fleeing to New York, Young Gul sees Ka Young and Jae Hyuk looking very happy together and becomes depressed with the realization of his happy past when he didn't have money. However, even with all of his regrets, Young Gul's pretentiousness did not change until the end.

Young Gul was drinking in a fancy pool wearing a white gown when somebody suddenly points a gun at his head. The viewers were completely shocked at Kang Young Gul's unpredictable death.

The drama 'Fashion King' ended with Kang Young Gul's (Yoo Ah In) death and confused many of the viewers. A factor in the confusion was caused by the fact that the killer's identity was not revealed.

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