'Ghost' So Ji Sub & Lee Yeon Hee Unveiled!

On May 30, highly respected actors So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon Hee's collaboration were unveiled in the new drama 'Ghost.' The drama received explosive response from the viewer’s just after the very first episode. 'Ghost' touches base on the scary reality of the possible threat of internet and social networking services.

During the episode, Kim Woo Hyun (So Ji Sub), the team leader of a Cyber Investigation Unit and Yoo Kang Mi (Lee Yeon Hee), an officer in the same unit. Kim Woo Hyun and Yoo Kang Mi begin to investigate the suicide case of an actress Shin Hyo Jung (Lee Som). Shin Hyo Jung had been involved in a celebrity sex/prostitution scandal that was assumed to be the root of the cause behind for her suicide. Prior to her death, her Twitter post read 'I want to die' and was found dead shortly after. The media reported that Shin Hyo Jung committed suicide because she could not mentally handle the harsh comments from the public.

However, after working with a computer hacker, 'Hardes', Kim Woo Hyun and Yoo Kang Mi find out that at the exact time Shin Hyo Jung's last Twitter post was updated she had been writing an e-mail. Serious Crime Squad detective Kwon Hyuk Joo (Kwak Do Won) also believes that Shin Hyo Jung had been murdered and focuses his attention on the TrueStory Newspaper representative Park Ki Young (Choi Daniel) as suspect.

In the midst of Kim Woo Hyun's investigation, he receives a text message from an anonymous source saying, 'Shin Hyo Jung was murdered'. Shortly after, a video clip of Shin Hyo Jung's death was played on an electric display in the middle of the city. When Kim Woo Hyun finds out that the person who exposed the video clip to the public was 'Hardes', the computer hacker, he begins to track him down. Kim Woo Hyun falls into despair when he finds out that 'Hardes' was his co-worker and representative of TrueStory Newspaper, Park Ki Young.

In his defense, Park Ki Young says, 'It is true that I hacked her computer but I did not kill Shin Hyo Jung. The killer is out there. I tried to chase after the killer but I lost him. He was wearing a watch that had a map of the world drawn on it. Somebody asked me to hack into Shin Hyo Jung's computer with my e-mail account to retrieve a file named 'Fandom' from her computer. You have to find that file. That is the only way you'll find the murderer.'

At the end of the episode, Kim Woo Hyun finds somebody with the watch that matched Park Ki Young's description. Kim Woo Hyun built up the anticipation as the episode ended with him yelling out 'Did you kill Shin Hyo Jung?!' at the mystery suspect.

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