Oscar Pistorius Trial Flooded With Crocodile Tears? ‘Blade Runner’ Contradicts Himself During Testimony

Oscar Pistorius trial seems to be flooded with crocodile tears as the "Blade Runner" was accused of trying to fake his emotions whenever he contradicted himself during the testimony on the night he shot her girlfriend.

An image of the former Olympian breaking down while being interrogated by prosecutor has become a regular feature during the whole Oscar Pistorius trial in South Africa.

Last Monday, according to The Guardian, Oscar Pistorius even vomited in court and cried four times, prompting prosecutor Gerrie Nel to accuse him of using his "emotional estate as an escape" during the cross examination.

"I'm going to argue that you got emotional because you got your defences mixed up," he added.

The prosecutor during the Oscar Pistorius trial then asked the "Blade Runner" to explain why he gets emotional on cue when he couldn't answer the questions directly. To which, the sprinter claimed that the night he shot his girlfriend was a very traumatic event that he is trying to recall during the grilling.

"It was a traumatic evening for me," he said.

The prosecutor has a bit of reputation in South Africa for "his bulldog-lie approach to questioning," CNN reported. Gerrie Nel then called out Oscar Pistorius for reportedly trying to tailor his answers to fit the double amputee's version of events.

Throughout the whole Oscar Pistorius trial, the "Blade Runner" has repeatedly claimed that he's blaming himself for taking the life of his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, but only because he thought she was an intruder.

Gerrie Nel told Oscar Pistorius: "You know exactly, you fired at Reeva. These other versions cannot work: you fired at her, you did. Why are you getting emotional now?"

Oscar Pistorius' voice broke and almost shouted: "I did not fire at Reeva!"

According to the post-mortem report, the 29-year-old model died from the lone bullet to the brain when Oscar Pistorius shot her around 3 a.m. Three other bullets were lodged on the bathroom wall, another hit her on the thigh and another on the shoulder.

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