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Album Review: VIXX Develop Their Distinctive Sound On New EP 'Eternity' [AUDIO]

By Adrienne Stanley | May 27, 2014 08:06 AM EDT


On May 27, Jellyfish Entertainment released "Eternity", the fourth single album for the six member male group VIXX.

While many male groups are launched with an established sound, VIXX has explored many musical genres since their 2012 debut with the pop single “Super Hero.”

VIXX followed up with their second single album “Rock UR Body”. “Rock UR Body” was an eight-bit electronic dance single that established VIXX as a standout group from the sea of male idol groups. With the 2013 studio album “Voodoo”, VIXX provided an edgier style which has won over legions of Starlights.

“Eternity” is a four-song EP with the last track featuring an instrumental version of “Eternity”.

VIXX member Ravi was involved in writing the lyrics for “Eternity”, “Sad Ending”, and “Love, LaLaLa”. “Eternity” is a concept album, addressing the concept of fantasy-driven love. While this can be viewed as derivative, VIXX have made concept albums their strong suit.

The album opens with the title track which is a polished dance single."Eternity" is a dance track which most resembles prior VIXX releases like "Voodoo Doll".

“Eternity” sets the tone for the level of maturity that is established throughout the single album.

Contrary to the title, “Sad Ending” is not a ballad but is also an uptempo pop song. “Sad Ending” maintains a funky edge which can largely be attributed to the production style of Swedish producers Erik Lidbom and Jon Hallgren.

The standout track for the album is “Love, LaLaLa” which is a soulful R&B track that highlights what is becoming a trademark sound for Jellyfish Entertainment artists.

Although, Jellyfish Entertainment explores all genres of music, the strongest point within its artists such as VIXX and label mate Seo In Guk remains their approach to R&B.

“Love, LaLaLa” is a song that is even capable of winning over K-Pop fans who have yet to embrace VIXX.

Listen to the new album "Eternity" by VIXX RIGHT HERE.

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