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Teresa Giudice Panicking Over New Season Of Real Housewives of New Jersey! [VIDEO] 'Miserable Situation' For RHONJ Star And Husband Joe SInce Fraud Charges

By Carlie Zootash | June 17, 2014 02:59 PM EDT


Teresa Giudice Panicking over new season of Real Housewives of New Jersey! Season 6 of Jersey Housewives is just about to air on Bravo in just a few weeks, and Teresa and Joe are having a hard time facing the inevitable return of their hit reality show in the middle of their messy legal problems. WIth the preview special of Real Housewives of New Jersey finally airing, Teresa is panicking more than ever before. The aftermath of her fraud charges and admitting her guilt will be plastered all over the television for the entire world to witness how Teresa is dealing with such a serious situation. According to RadarOnline, "Teresa is panicking. She knows filming for the season is over and wrapped but the reunion show is adding another level of stress to her miserable situation right now. She is expecting Joe to be in jail and she doesn't know how she's going to handle explaining how terrible that is for her family. A big fear for Teresa is footage of Joe being led away in handcuffs or her reaction outside the courtroom after the sentencing."  

Joe and Teresa Giudice have been charged with a whopping 41 counts of fraud and plead guilty to some of the charges. Joe and Teresa  will receive their sentences on July 8th, just days before Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on July 13th on Bravo. Teresa adn Joe should be panicking and have every reason to be terrified. Teresa and Joe Giudice, the most dynamic stars of the Real Housewives Of New Jersey, were also no shows to the Bravo Up fronts for the new season last Thursday in NYC. Teresa is not up for the new season and is way more devoted to her fraud case. But it appears that network execs are livid with Teresa and Joe for avoiding their duties to Housewives. Upfronts are critical to the network's success, as this is the time when advertising is sold to the sponsors. Examiner reports, "Representing The Real Housewives of New Jersey were Melissa Gorga and Dina Manzo.

The absence of Teresa Giudice was glaring since she is arguably the biggest star of the show and is the one housewife to remain from the very first season.  According to a All About The Real Housewives article posted on Tuesday, May 20, "Teresa was in fact invited but decided not to go." Real Housewives Of New Jersey producers have always been extremely supportive and generous to Teresa and her family throughout their ordeal. Bravo payed her well, single handedly made her famous, and ultimately kept her on Housewives even after Teresa Guidice was dealt 41 counts of fraud and Giudice admitted she was guilty to the illegal charges. Yes, Teresa and Joe are huge money makers for Bravo, bringing more drama than any other Housewife characters in the franchise. But I do believe that Bravo also truly supports Teresa and Joe Giudice even when things get rough. So when the pair snubbed the network that has been on their side time after time, it's hurful to Bravo execs. But Teresa is so wrapped up in herself that she forgets how much Bravo has done for her. If Teresa and Joe were not on RHONJ, she would have gotten a much worse sentencing for their countless fraud charges then if she wasn't on TV and lacked the financial means to hire top notch lawyers to save them from years in prison.

disquis wrote me: Teresa & Joe are by far the most entertaining reality personalities on earth. Do they lie? Absolutely, are they crude? Yes they are, they are disgusting individuals who love to cause drama and that's why they are so universally loved. Teresa's problems rank second only to the security of the nation, Teresa & Juicy must be set free or god knows what will happen, it's was written that this mess is causing these fine people undue stress, poor Teresa is close to a nervous breakdown, the poor children shouldn't have to see their loving parents put thru all this nonsense. 


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