3 Elements of 2NE1's Comeback & WORLD TOUR

#1. New Album and World Tour Kick Off

Next month, approximately a year after the release of their 2nd mini-album, I Am The Best, world famous K-Pop girl group 2NE1 will come back with their brand new album. The phrase, 'The Return of the Queen' is a perfect fit for their return. In terms of fame in the cyber world, 2NE1 is at a level of high of the highest worldwide. With the anticipation building up for their return, it is already predicted that there will be a complete shift in the dynamics of K-Pop in the month of July.

2NE1's new album will be released on the day of their opening concert of their world tour. Including singles, official albums and mini-albums, 2NE1 has released a total of 9 albums. 2NE1 will perform songs that have previously been released as well as their songs in the brand new album.

With the release of their new album and opening concert of their world tour on the same day, we can only imagine how busy the members of 2NE1 are. In a recent interview with 2NE1, one member revealed, "We are so busy these days preparing for our new album as well as the world tour. From attending photo shoot for the jacket photo to filming our music video in addition to preparing for our world tour. We want to provide our fans with the best performance we could possibly create so we have to work equally hard for both the release of our new album and world tour. Please show us a lot of support because we are working very hard to prepare for it."

#2. Even the Staff at 2NE1's World Tour is Top Star Material

Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and finally, 2NE1, all have one thing in common: Staff. World famous professionals who have experience working with artists mentioned is currently working with 2NE1 for their world tour. The level of anticipation for 2NE1's world tour is unbelievable even from looking at the lineup of world famous stars the staff members worked with in the past.

YG Entertainment recently released a statement revealing, "Travis Payne, who was the choreographer for Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' concert and Divinity Rox, who was Beyonce's the tour band leader are working with us for 2NE1's world tour."

Travis Payne as well as Divinity Rox are individuals who have an incredible amount of power to influence in the entertainment business. Travis Payne has won 4 awards from MTV for his choreography and has choreographed for world stars like Usher, Beyonce, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and more.

Divinity Rox on the other hand, will be the director as well asthe base player of the band, which is basically the most crucial element at a live concert.

Also, the world tour was organized by the world famous Live Nation. Live Nation is famous for working for world famous stars like Lady Gaga and Modonna. Live Nation Inc. has aided in the promotion of K-Pop artists in the U.S. and Europe a few times in the past, but this is the first time Live Nation is investing in an Asian girl group as well as putting together the best professionals to create this world tour.

#3. First K-Pop Girl Group to Have a World Tour

Out of all the K-Pop girl groups, 2NE1 is the first to have a world tour. In a way, 2NE1 is like a compass, paving the way for other girl groups so that more and more K-Pop girl groups could widen their horizon.

So far, K-Pop groups like TVXQ, Big Bang, B2ST and etc have had a world tour. The secret to the success of male K-Pop stars was known to be their powerful and on point dance moves as well as their fresh fashion sense which was highly accepted by anywhere in the world. However, 2NE1 is as charismatic as any male K-Pop artist as well as musical talents to conquer the world music industry.

For any group to be able to have a world tour, they need to have enough fans throughout the world and not just in Korea; in terms of that, 2NE1 seems to have more than enough fans throughout the world to have a world tour. Last year 2NE1 appeared on the list of "World's Best New Bands" created by IGGI on MTV not to mention ranking No.1 as the most popular K-Pop girl group chosen by Hallyu fans in France.

On the 28th and 29th of July, 2NE1 will kick off their world tour at the Seoul Olympic Stadium and begin touring across a total of 10 cities in 7 different nations. It has been announced that it is highly probable more concerts in other cities will be added due to the high volume of reqests by the fans.

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