KARA's Hara, Gyuri & Seungyeon Undecided On Whether To Renew Conctracts

KARA Members Move On Following Disbandment

Buzz 01.28.16 | 10:02AM EST

The three members of KARA who recently left DSP Media have updated fans regarding their future plans.

the album cover of Stellar's

Album Review: Stellar Celebrate The Eclecticism Of K-Pop On Their Exciting New EP 'Sting' [AUDIO]

New Release 01.27.16 | 08:38PM EST

"Sting," the inventive new six-song extended play album released on Jan. 18 by the K-pop girl group Stellar is a celebration of K-pop's willingness to experiement with an endless variety of musical genres.

SidusHQ Stars Promote Webpage

New SidusHQ Instagram Account Gives Behind The Scenes Look At Stars

Buzz 01.28.16 | 12:55AM EST

SidusHQ opens another social media account to interact closer with fans in Korea and overseas.

Chanyeol Black Hair

EXO's Chanyeol Spotted On A Snowboarding Trip

SNS 01.27.16 | 11:22AM EST

Chanyeol was seen cooling off in the mountains and snowboarding to his heart’s content.

FNC Entertainment Sues Over 30 Malicious Commenters For Spreading Rumors

AOA Put Spotlight On 3 Often Overlooked Members In Newly Announced Subunit

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 01.27.16 | 11:43AM EST

Yuna, Chanmi, and Hyejeong will make up AOA's next project group.


SM Entertainment Plans New Music Releases For Each Week Of 2016

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 01.27.16 | 11:50AM EST

The Korean entertainment agency announced numerous new business plans on Wednesday.

Epik High circa 2003

K-Pop Throwback: Epik High Turns The World Into One Big Dance Party On Their 2003 Track 'GO' [AUDIO]

Old K-Pop 01.29.16 | 01:30PM EST

On "GO," from Epik High's 2003 debut album "Map of the Human Soul," the rap trio shows how certain styles of music hold sway across the globe, highlighting the similarities we all share over our differences.

a screenshot from Teen Top's

Review: Teen Top Lead With Their Funkiest Song In Years On 'Warning Sign' The 1st Single From The New EP 'Red Point [AUDIO]

New Release 01.26.16 | 07:39PM EST

Though much of Teen Top's recent material, including the EP "Red Point" released on Jan. 18, shows a more introspective side of the group, "Warning Sign" is as fired up as anything in their recorded output so far.

a screenshot from Gfriend's

Review: Why Gfriend's 'Rough' Is The K-Pop Girl Group's Best Offering Yet [VIDEO]

New Release 01.26.16 | 02:09PM EST

On Monday, the six-member South Korean pop act GFriend's released their best song yet with the melodic dance single "Rough," proving that this girl group has staying power.

Big Bang

MelOn Music Chart Declares Big Bang's 'Bang Bang Bang' The Most Popular Song Of 2015

Music Show / Music Chart 01.26.16 | 11:50AM EST

The hard-hitting anthem was crowned the most popular song on MelOn in 2015.

EXO's Chanyeol

Chanyeol Is Most Popular EXO Member On Instagram With 6 Million Followers

SNS 01.26.16 | 11:57AM EST

Chanyeol now has more than 6 million followers on Instagram, beating all his other current and even former band mates.


Whose Hands Were Touching Dara’s Face?

SNS 01.26.16 | 11:45AM EST

There's a fan frenzy to find out whose hands were seen poking Dara's masked face.

Sistar's Dasom Responds To Vicious Hater On Instagram

Sistar's Dasom Responds To Hurtful Message On Instagram

Breaking News 01.26.16 | 12:39AM EST

Though some of us may just brush off hateful remarks, the singer did not hold back and stood up for herself when a comment crossed the line.

K-Pop Crossover: Ryan Reynolds Responds To HyunA's 'Deadpool' Photo Shoot

K-Pop Crossover: Ryan Reynolds Responds To HyunA's 'Deadpool' Photo Shoot

Movies 01.25.16 | 03:02PM EST

The "Deadpool" actor shared a picture of himself with HyunA's recent photoshoot.

[Exclusive Interview] U-KISS Answers Fans Questions From All Over the World

Youngest U-KISS Member Jun Celebrates 19th Birthday

SNS 01.25.16 | 09:40AM EST

Jun turned 19 on January 22 and it is the second birthday he is celebrating as a member of U-KISS.


Fans Of EXO Member Kai Make Large Donation To Pediatric Leukemia Foundation In His Name

Buzz 01.25.16 | 09:49AM EST

The fans donated 23 million KRW to the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation.

Review: Mino And Taeyhun Strip WINNER's Sound Down To The Bare Essentials On 'Pricked' [AUDIO]

WINNER's Mino And Taehyun Participate In UNICEF Campaign With Louis Vuitton

Endorsement 01.24.16 | 12:56PM EST

WINNER's Mino and Taehyun show their support for the UNICEF charity with a new post on Instagram


K-Pop Beyond The Charts: Let Loptimist Rearrange Your Circuitry On 'Me' Featuring Kim And Ji Jong Hwan [AUDIO]

New Release 01.22.16 | 06:24PM EST

"Me," the new single released Thursday by South Korean singer-rapper Loptimist and featuring Ji Jong Hwan and Kim could almost pass for a conversation between two robots if it weren't for the raw rapping on the track.

Korean R&B superstar Zion. T

K-Pop Double Take: Zion. T Brings Together The Best Of The Past And Present On 'No Make Up' [VIDEO]

New Release 01.25.16 | 08:08PM EST

On the single "No Make Up," released on Oct. 15, the 26-year-old South Korean hip-hop artist and producer Zion. T demonstrates a deep knowledge of the past while still sounding contemporary.


Review: VIXX's Contribution To 'Moorim School' Soundtrack 'Alive' Mixes Strings And EDM Beats To Create A Unique Mood [AUDIO]

New Release 01.22.16 | 01:24PM EST

Released Jan. 18, "Alive," VIXX's single from "Moorim School," fuses cinematic strings and pianos with EDM trap drums and rave synths, flanked by an anthemic chorus that compliments the drama onscreen.

Missing In Action 2NE1 Member Park Bom Spotted At YG-Owned Restaurant

Missing In Action 2NE1 Member Park Bom Spotted At YG-Owned Restaurant

Buzz 01.22.16 | 11:16AM EST

The restaraunt shared the pop star's picture on Instagram and received more than 1,000 comments.

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