goo hara

Goo Hara before getting her teeth fixed

SNS 12.26.11 | 10:48PM EST

Photos of KARA Goo Hara during her fitting model days is receiving a lot of attention.

lee hyori

Lee Hyori's cat unhappy with her gift

SNS 12.26.11 | 10:41PM EST

Singer Lee Hyori presented a picture of her cat with the hand-made dog house.

Lee Hyorie

Hyori Lee, beautiful as well as beautiful face

SNS 12.26.11 | 09:30PM EST

Lee Hyori is receiving the attention of many netizens after revealing the letters she received from senior citzens.


Jia, doll-like appearance captures netizens

SNS 12.26.11 | 09:15PM EST

Girl group Miss A's member Jia is catching attention of many netizens with her doll-like photo.


Kahi in celebration of her birthday... "Ah so happy today"

SNS 12.26.11 | 08:57PM EST

Girl group Afterschool member Kahi's birthday proof photo in an issue.

jo kwon

Jo Kwon, 'Our fans are the best'

SNS 12.26.11 | 08:45PM EST

2AM revealed a picture of themselves to thank the fans for the rice wreaths they sent.


Kwon So Hyun&Jeon Ji Yoon, getting prettier by the day!

SNS 12.26.11 | 08:39PM EST

4minute Kwon So Hyun and Jeon Ji Yeon posted a picture of themselves.

hyo min

Hyo Min congratulates Kim Tae Woo on his wedding!

SNS 12.26.11 | 08:31PM EST

Girl group T-ara member Hyo Min left a post to congratulate Kim Tae Woo's marriage on her Twitter.

god wedding

Ok Joo Hyun at Kim Tae Woo's wedding

SNS 12.26.11 | 08:18PM EST

Singer Ok Joo Hyun posted a proof shot from attending Kim Tae Woo's wedding, a former member of god.

jo kwon

Jo Kwon injured from being 'Joritney Spears'

SNS 12.26.11 | 08:17PM EST

King of "Kkap" Jo Kwon revealed his war scar from being a 'Joritney Spears'.

kyu line

Kyu Hyun Reveals his Friends

SNS 12.26.11 | 08:11PM EST

Super Junior member Kyu Hyun revealed a picture of 'Kyu Line'.

john park

John Park and Kim Dong Ryul "heart-warming duo"

SNS 12.26.11 | 07:54PM EST

John Park's whereabouts are catching the attention of many netizens


Jo Kwon wishes Taec Yeon "Happy Birthday!"

SNS 12.26.11 | 07:47PM EST

2AM Jo Kwon took a picture with 2PM Taec Yeon in celebration of his birthday.

gain and jea

Gain and Jea as sexy rudolfs

SNS 12.24.11 | 03:58PM EST

Brown Eyed Girls Ga In and Jea transformed into sexy rudolfs.


2NE1's witty wreath

Concert / Event 12.24.11 | 03:20PM EST

On 23rd Dara Park posted on her me2day "Wreath delivery~ 2NE1's heart for Kim Jang Hoon and Psy oppa~!! best concert Wantachi!! wow, it was a concert I've been anticipating and I'm finally going", along with a picture.

Hyo Min

Hyo Min, Looks Like a Doll in Her 'Bowl Cut'

SNS 12.24.11 | 03:13PM EST

Girl group T-ara Hyo Min is catching the attention of many with her doll-like picture

G.NA shows off her body through self-camera~

SNS 12.24.11 | 03:08PM EST

G.NA is showing off her curvy body with her white dress on.


Sistar BoRa "Christmas Greetings!"

SNS 12.24.11 | 03:03PM EST

Sistar member Bo Ra is sending Christmas greetings.


Dara Park wants to learn from Psy

Concert / Event 12.24.11 | 02:31PM EST

2NE1 Dara Park expressed her love for Psy's commentaries.

lee ki kwang

Lee Ki Kwang "Merry Christmas Beauties"

SNS 12.24.11 | 01:47PM EST

Fans congratulated the idol group B2ST's member Lee Ki Kwang for the 800th day since debut.


2PM Concert For Six Days At Budokan Japan

Gossip 12.23.11 | 05:43PM EST

2PM Concert For Six Days At Budokan Japan

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