BTS will Release New Song at Billboard Award Stage

News 04.25.18 | 08:32PM EDT

BTS will make their comeback debut in the US' Billboard Music Awards' (BBMA) for the first time.

Black Pink

BLACK PINK Active in Japan

News 04.23.18 | 05:51PM EDT

On the 21st, Black Pink was featured in 'Sukkiri SUPER LIVE' held in the Tokyo BUDOKAN. This live event is a big event organized by Nippon Television's famous program "Sukkiri".


SHINee, Japan's first best album, 1st place in 15 Oricon ‧ iTunes

Headlines 04.23.18 | 01:51PM EDT

SHINee Japan's first best album "SHINee THE BEST FROM NOW ON" (released on the 18th) ranked #1 on the Oricon daily album chart on the day of release.


Taeyeon to hold its first stand-alone showcase tour in Japan in June

Concert / Event 04.18.18 | 10:03PM EDT

Girls' Generation Taeyeon opens her first solo showcase tour in Japan.


BTS nominated for 'Billboard Music Awards' for 2 consecutive years

News 04.18.18 | 09:54PM EDT

BTS has been nominated for the US Billboard Music Awards for the second consecutive year.


Grazy Grace Gets Even Crazier In Our Exclusive Interview

Interviews 05.19.18 | 05:25PM EDT

Crazy Grace Gets Even Crazier In Our Exclusive Interview


Winner, "We want to be singers that people can trust"

News 04.17.18 | 10:20PM EDT

On the 17th, SBS entertainer information program "Night of the Actual Entertainment" (hereafter "Night") met Winner that recently released a new song "Everyday”.


Jimin Won Three Consecutive Personal Awards

Hot Issues 04.17.18 | 10:02PM EDT

Peeper 'March Best K Pop Artist' Selected BTS as best group, Jimin won three consecutive personal awards.

Monsta X

Monsta X, ranks 2nd in the Billboard World Album Chart

Hot Issues 04.16.18 | 10:31PM EDT

Monsta X's sixth mini-album 'The Connect: Dejavu' tops Billboard's World album charts and has the highest sales record in the US.


Seventeen Started 'WE MAKE YOU' Music Video Recording for Japan Debut

Hot Issues 04.16.18 | 10:19PM EDT

Seventeen is making preparations for her debut album music video.

Don Spike

Don Spike, "The most popular song in the Olympic is Wanna One's" Pick Me "

Headlines 04.16.18 | 10:05PM EDT

Don Spike has released an anecdote for music director at PyeongChang Olympic.


BTS, 2017 Star Selected by Korean Fans From All Over the World

News 04.16.18 | 09:59PM EDT

The 13th Annual Soompi Awards were announced on the 17th.

Yoon ah

'Hyori's Homestay 2' Yoon-ah “Now I want to expand my life as 'Im Yoon-ah'

Stars on TV / Movies 04.15.18 | 08:28PM EDT

'Hyori's Homestay 2' Yoon-ah told me what she wanted to do at the age of 29.


K-CON 2018 Japan Success

Headlines 04.15.18 | 08:01PM EDT

CJ E & M's "KCON 2018 Japan" event was almost filled with 11,000 seats.


Wanna One Daniel, Boy Group brand reputation 9 consecutive months # 1

News 04.13.18 | 10:12PM EDT

Wanna One Daniel ranked first in boy group private brand in April 2018 Big data analysis.

Monsta X

"2018 World Tour Departure" Monster X has sold out all of Seoul concert

Headlines 04.13.18 | 10:03PM EDT

The group Monster X has sold out all of Seoul concert


BTS, First week of sale in Japan broke Kara record

News 04.12.18 | 10:47PM EDT

The third album released in Japan by the group BTS has rewritten the first sales record of the release of KPop group's first week.


Twice Music Video Release

News 04.12.18 | 10:43PM EDT

Twice, who returned to the new song 'What is Love?', is introducing a parody that makes both eyes and ears happy in the music video.


Daniel shows true "charisma" in pictorial

News 04.12.18 | 10:40PM EDT

The center of the group Wanna One, Daniel showed a charisma with an intense sporty look.


EXO Sehun birthday event. 25 celebrations around the world

Headlines 04.12.18 | 10:34PM EDT

The Chinese fans of the idol group EXO have prepared a birthday event for Sehun's birthday. It was a birthday celebration all over the world including the New York Times ads.


"Forever with the fans" SHINee the late Jonghyun birthday .. photo release

Features 04.10.18 | 10:22PM EDT

While the late Jong-hyun was on his birthday at April8th, SHINee revealed his life.

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