Wanna one

Wanna One Photo Essay Book Will be Released

News 04.10.18 | 09:19PM EDT

CJ E & M announced that it will pre-sell the photo essay "Do not Lose Our Memories" from the project group Wanna One until the 22nd from 10th.


Twice, 1st place on music chart

Hot Issues 04.10.18 | 09:12PM EDT

Group Twice, who returned to the fifth mini-album, turned on green light.


AOA Mina’s Released Pictorial

Fashion & Style 04.09.18 | 11:19PM EDT

Girl group AOA Mina revealed a beauty pictorial.


Mamamoo Wheein Released Solo Debut Photo

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 04.09.18 | 11:07PM EDT

Girl group Mamamoo Wheein released her concept photo before solo debut.


Winner Had Comeback Show at April 8th

News 04.09.18 | 11:03PM EDT

Winner made his comeback on SBS at April 8th


EXO Fans’ Big Scale Celebration

Hot Issues 04.09.18 | 10:56PM EDT

EXO Fans Celebrate 6th Anniversary of the Debut and birthday with the Subway ‘Line 7’

wanna one

Warnna One shows up at ‘Knowing Bros’

Hot Issues 04.09.18 | 10:40PM EDT

All members of Wanna One participated in the program at JTBC 'Knowing Bros' recently.


Apink, will release debut 7th anniversary photobook

News 04.05.18 | 08:28PM EDT

The outline of the 7th anniversary special album of the group Apink was revealed.

Wanna One

Wanna One, First Solo Concert at Gocheok Sky Dome in June

Concert / Event 04.05.18 | 07:52PM EDT

Wanna One, the popular idol group, will hold its first solo concert at the Gocheok Sky Dome in June.

Wanna one

Wanna One become the cover star of Star & Style Magazine

Photos 04.04.18 | 09:47PM EDT

It has the concept of 'I WANNA ONE' in this photo, which was performed along with perfume brand CK (CK).


Netmarble Games invests $200 million in 'BigHit Entertainment'

Hot Issues 04.04.18 | 09:32PM EDT

Netmarble Games announced that it will become the second largest shareholder with a stake of 25.7% by investing $200 million in BigHit Entertainment.

North Korea

From 'Cho Yong Pil to Red Velvet' Our Troupe, Pyongyang Performed and Returned

Hot Issues 04.03.18 | 09:30PM EDT

Our troupe has returned from the Pyongyang performance.

Monsta X

Monsta X “The Connect”, 1st place of Japan Tower record

News 04.03.18 | 09:21PM EDT

The group Monsta X came to the top of the Japanese music charts.


GOT7 'Just Right' Breaks YouTube 2 Billion view

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 04.03.18 | 09:12PM EDT

Group GOT7's "just right" music video breaks the YouTube 2 Billion view.

wanna one

'The Show' Wanna One's comeback stage ... First place in 'boomerang'

Hot Issues 04.03.18 | 09:06PM EDT

Wanna one showed up the stage of the comeback 'The show'.


BTS Announce Possibility of Disbandment

Hot Issues 04.01.18 | 10:53PM EDT

BTS Announce Possibility of Disbandment and fans are sending in their emotional support on this odd day.

Red Velvet

Red velvet will sing 'Red taste' 'Bad boy' at Pyongyang show

Concert / Event 03.28.18 | 10:26PM EDT

Girls Group Red Velvet will sing the hit songs "Red Flavor" and "Bad Boy" in a South Korean troupe performance next month in Pyongyang.

girl friend

Girlfriend, Japan debuts on May 23

Breaking News 03.28.18 | 10:17PM EDT

Girl group girlfriend finished the first promotion in Japan and made a bright signal of advance to Japan.


Mamamoo, new song 'Everyday' preview video release

News 03.28.18 | 10:02PM EDT

The girl group Mamamoo released a preview video of the new song 'Everyday' on the 29th.


April comeback 'Twice' group photo release

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.28.18 | 09:52PM EDT

Twice released a new group image on April 9th, prior to the release of their mini-5 album and the title song "What's Love?".


BTS documentary is finally revealed

News 03.27.18 | 10:27PM EDT

'BTS: Burn the Stage' will be released on YouTube 'bulletproof TV' at midnight on the 28th.

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