SoHee "Sunye, her name of effection with her boyfriend on video call is 'honey~'"

Interviews 12.10.11 | 03:35PM EST

Kim Ah Jung

Kim Ah Jung, Innocent or Sexy

News 12.10.11 | 09:30AM EST

Kim Ah Jung's profile shooting picture

Ulala session and Koo Jun Yup

Ulala Session-Koo Jun Yup Looking Hot

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.10.11 | 09:19AM EST

Kim Myung Hoon posted a picture of Ulala session and Koo Jun Yup


High school drop-out So Hee, "I want to study Movie producing in a University in America", an unexpected confession

Interviews 12.10.11 | 09:04AM EST

Wondergirls SoHee spoke of her dreams of going to a university.


IU "I did not have confidence in my looks... but now I see myself as pretty"

Interviews 12.10.11 | 08:51AM EST

Min Hyo Lin

Min Hyo Lin's Sexy Versace Hommage Photobook

News 12.10.11 | 08:50AM EST

Min Hyo Lin revealed a new Photobook


'Music Core' Wondergirls, Sexy+Fresh Performance 'SoHee's glance melts male hearts'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.10.11 | 08:35AM EST

In see-through look mini once-piece dresses, the girl group Wondergirls bursted fresh and sexy appeal.


B.o.M Appearing on 'Music Bank' Outstanding Vocal

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.10.11 | 08:30AM EST

New idol group B.o.M on Music Bank

Big 3 were mesmerized

'K-Pop Star' Yang Hyun Suk, Park Jin Young, Boa Were Mesmerized By Stong Candidates

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.10.11 | 08:12AM EST

Strong candidates are appearing on 'K-Pop Star'

We got married Lee Teuk

"We got marrid" Lee Teuk, draws laughter with his more natural conversation with a cardboard.

Stars on TV / Movies 12.10.11 | 07:36AM EST

SNSD with Cha Seung Won

Cha Seung Won puts up a 'V' sign like a fan who has forgotten his age

Gossip 12.10.11 | 07:15AM EST

Cha Seung Won puts up a 'V' sign like a fan who has forgotten his age

Hyo Yeon and Jessica almost fight

Hyo Yeon and Jessica "We almost fought because of harsh words"

Interviews 12.10.11 | 06:52AM EST

SNSD The boys

Show!Music Core Girl’s Generation (SNSD) Heat the Stage up with their Sexy Charisma

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.10.11 | 06:33AM EST

The group, Girl’s Generation (SNSD), heated up the stage with their unique sexy charisma On Show! Music Core broadcasted on December 10th at 4pm, SNSD performed “They Boys” They showed off each of 9 colors through different clothing styles that emphasized their sexiness. Also, they drew the attention of the audience with their outstanding vocals and perfect group dance.

GNA santa costume

Male netizens go wild at G.NA's santa outfit

SNS 12.10.11 | 06:28AM EST

Male netizens go wild at G.NA's santa outfit

GNA santa costume

Netizens go wild for G.NA’s Santa Costume “Sexy+Smurf+Santa”

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.10.11 | 06:22AM EST

G.NA’s Santa costume is creating a stir online. Recently, a picture of the singer G.NA titled “GNA looks sexy in anything, even in a Santa costume?” was revealed in the online community. In the picture, G.NA is wearing a Santa costume that is a short blue mini dress. The Santa costume especially reminds you of a Smurf because of the matching blue top and skirt color, but is still able to show off her lean and long legs and body.

Wondergirls selected to be the MBN music program's MCs

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.10.11 | 06:09AM EST

Boa Brother on starking

Boa’s Older Brother, Park Hae Eil pianist lookalike exposes“Boa’s drinking habits are…”

Stars on TV / Movies 12.10.11 | 06:08AM EST

Boa’s brother Kwon Soon Hwon revealed himself on TV. On “Star King” that broadcasted on December 10, the Truth Game was played with 8 different people who claimed to be star related families. On this day, it was revealed that the 7th contestant was Boa’s real brother Kwon Soon Hwon (37). A contest of figuring out who was “Real vs Fake” was held with Kwon Soon Hwon, Jo In Sung’s second cousin, Hwang Sin Hae’s nephew/niece, Kim Bum Su’s younger sibling, Kim Hee Chul’s nephew/niece...

The Performance on “Show! Music Core” by Wonder Girls was like a Christmas Present

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.10.11 | 05:44AM EST

The girl group, Wonder Girls, performed a heartwarming Christmas Present like stage. On the Show! Music Core’s 50th Anniversary Special broadcasted on December 10th, Wonder Girls performed in their unchanging see through style mini dress, which showed off their long legs while radiating their unique heartwarming presence.

Troublemaker performance

Troublemaker’s sexy performance on Show! Music Core draws attention again

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.10.11 | 05:23AM EST

Beast’s Hyun Seung and 4 minute’s Hyuna collaboration Troublemaker drew attention again for their hot performance. On Show! Music Core broadcasted December 10th, Troublemaker had their comeback stage. The performance drew a lot of attention since the performance was filmed last week before the modification of the choreography;

Jung Mo Jay

TRAX Jung Mo “People think the name of my band is Oppa Band”

Stars on TV / Movies 12.10.11 | 05:20AM EST

TRAX revealed thier long longing to be back on stage. On the “Immoral Song” episode broadcasted December 10th, which theme was 7080 Movie Music, Jung Mo’s band TRAX made a special surprise appearance.

Lee Teuk

“We Got Married” Lee Teuk’s excessive display of affection, Super Junior shudder “I really hate it”

Stars on TV / Movies 12.10.11 | 04:47AM EST

Lee Teuk received mocking from this other Super Junior members. On the epidsoide of “We Got Married” broadcasted on December 10th, Kang Sora’s effort to cheer on her husband Lee Teuk for his concert was revealed. Lee Teuk is seen carrying a life size Kang Sora replca throughout the rehearsal, which he talked to and even brought on stage. He showed his affection toward her by not letting anyone even near the life size replica of her, which is why he received the taunting of his other membe...

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