Gina Shows Her Love For Leopard

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 11:06PM EST

Gina loves everything in Leopard print

Seo Young Hee

Seo Young Hee Dresses As Santa Clause with Red Cape and Antler

Hot Issues 12.07.11 | 10:53PM EST

Seo Young Hee Dresses As Santa Clause for charity

Soo Ji

Miss-A Soo Ji Treated big to 'Intro To Architecture' Staffs

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 10:34PM EST

Soo Ji treated big to staffs of 'Intro To Architecture'


Afterschool Uee Shining Brighter Than Barbie Doll

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 07:14PM EST

Uee appointed as 2011 Barbie and Ken

Lim Jae Bum: Reason To Do 'Candy In My Ear' with Gain Is Greeting

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 06:20PM EST

Lim Jae Bum chose Gain for 'Candy In My Ear' duet


Ali and Yoo Hee Yul Unveil Comic Picture

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 06:18PM EST

Ali posted a funny picture of her and Yoo Hee Yul


X-5 Comeback With a New Song releasing on Dec. 9th

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 06:14PM EST

X-5 is set to come back on December 9th


Actor Gong-yoo in his chic outfit at the airport

Buzz 12.07.11 | 05:27PM EST

Actor Gong-yoo was witnessed at the Incheon International Airport to depart to Japan.

Model Seung-won Cha to actor Seung-won Cha, how did it happen?

Stars on TV / Movies 12.07.11 | 05:10PM EST

Actor Cha Seung-won goes on a TV show and shows his true self.

Update: Something better than ‘Hyunah & JS’ Kiss Performance: Wire Performance

Breaking News 12.07.11 | 04:52PM EST

Hyunah and JS will perform in jTBC’s new music chart show, ‘Music on Top’.

Yoon Gye-sang and Baek Jin-hee

Jin-hee Baek and Gye-sang Yoon do Peppero game on High Kick 3

Stars on TV / Movies 12.07.11 | 04:41PM EST

Actor Yoon Gye-sang and actress Baek Jin-hee seem to form a love line in ‘High Kick 3’.

Jo In-sung picked figure skater Yuna Kim as his ideal girlfriend

Stars on TV / Movies 12.07.11 | 04:30PM EST

Out of 16 famous celebrities, Yuna Kim won actor Jo In-sung’s heart as his ideal girl


Girls’ Generation Tae-yeon dressing to impress

Concert / Event 12.07.11 | 04:02PM EST

Tae-yeon was invited to the live showing of jTBC's opening ceremony

Pledis Boys

Pledis Boys behind the scenes music video of ‘Love Letter’ released

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 03:42PM EST

Everyone is dying for the Pledis Boys to debut after releasing their ‘Love Letter’ in the making video.

Hyori Lee has been struggling with paparazzi and Jae-hyung Jung gives words of encouragement

SNS 12.07.11 | 03:27PM EST

Jae- hyung Jung tells Hyori he will give her his “invisible cloak” for her to hide from the press.

Yoon Jong-shin

Singer Yoon Jong-shin will be using Busker Busker’s version of ‘Makgolina’ instead of his own

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 03:06PM EST

Yoon Jong-shin will sing Busker Busker’s ‘Makgolina’ in his concert.

Super Star K Season 2 Jisoo Kim is starring in ‘Dream High 2’

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 02:57PM EST

Jisoo Kim is casted as the boy that only knows his guitar in 'Dream High 2'

Jae-in Jang becomes ‘Style Icon’

Fashion & Style 12.07.11 | 01:44PM EST

Jae-in Jang and girl group Sistar get awarded with this year's 'Style Icon'.

LeeSsang Gary finds out how to use LOL and shares

SNS 12.07.11 | 01:28PM EST

LeeSsang Gary finds out that Korean’s ‘ㅋㅋ’ is the same thing as America’s ‘lol’

IU Manager

IU, Warm Proof Picture With 'Squirrel Manager'

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 12.07.11 | 01:13PM EST

Singer IU's handsome manager has been a topic of conversation. Recently in the online entertainment community a number of pictures appeared with the title 'IU and Handome Manager.'

t-ara Eunjung

T-ara Eunjung shows off her natural beauty

SNS 12.07.11 | 01:05PM EST

Eunjung shows off her innocence with a twitter post


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