Alexander Skarsgard Not Attached To ‘The Crow,’ Hunk From ‘True Blood’ Clarifies Rumors On Snagging Lead Role

Trending News 05.02.13 | 07:36PM EDT

Actor neither confirmed nor denied that he has bagged the lead role in the upcoming remake of a 1994 classic.

Britney Spears Lookalike In U.K. Earns A Massive $450,000, Former Waitress Commands Up To $5,000 Appearance Fee

Trending News 05.02.13 | 01:29PM EDT

Does it pay if you resemble the look of singer Britney Spears? For Michaela Weeks, a 25-year-old former waitress in the U.K., the answer is a resounding yes!

Joaquin Phoenix Home Purchase: Actor Drops $1.3M On The House Next Door

Trending News 05.02.13 | 12:15PM EDT

Joaquin Phoenix home purchase caught our radar recently, as the actor dropped $1.3 million for the neighbor’s house next door.

Chris Kelly Dies At 34, Suspected Drug Overdose Alleged For Death Of Kriss Kross Star

Trending News 05.02.13 | 11:50AM EDT

Rapper Chris Kelly dies at the age of 34 of a suspected drug overdose.

Nicole Eggert Talks About Her Back Injury, Actress Regrets Posting Photo Of Bruised Back And Defends Show

Trending News 05.02.13 | 10:18AM EDT

Former Baywatch star Nicole Eggert is speaking about her injury after returning to the pool in the reality-diving competition, Splash.

Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Renew Wedding Vows At Disneyland, Fairy Tale Ceremony Attended By Disney Princesses And Mickey Mouse

Trending News 05.01.13 | 12:18PM EDT

Singer Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have uttered the words “I do” again – this time in a ceremony fit for a fairy tale Tuesday night.

Jennifer Lawrence Dating Ex Nicholas Hault, Couple Spotted Having A Romantic Dinner Monday In Hollywood

Trending News 05.01.13 | 11:59AM EDT

Jennifer Lawrence dating ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hault? Rumors swirl as pair spotted having romantic dinner in Hollywood.

Usain Bolt Out! Olympic Gold Medalist’s Minor Injury Keeps Him From Saturday’s Jamaica International Invitational Meet

Trending News 05.01.13 | 10:46AM EDT

But the six-time Olympic gold medalist has been ruled out of Saturday’s Jamaica International Invitational meeting because of a slight hamstring strain, his agent said Tuesday as reported by Reuters.

Khloe Kardashian Slams Momager Kris Jenner In Cosmopolitan UK Feature, “I Would Never Manage My Own Kids!”

Trending News 05.01.13 | 10:30AM EDT

RadarOnline reports that the actress admits to the UK Magazine she resents her Mom for being her manager and treating Kim as favorite daughter.

Troubled Actress Amanda Bynes Tweets Selfies Of Her In Skimpy Lingeries, Worrying Behavior Continues

Trending News 05.01.13 | 10:11AM EDT

Amanda Bynes tweets selfies of her in skimpy lingerie and has gathered global attention once again, in its least impressive sense.

Heather Locklear And New Boyfriend Turning Heads, Actress’ New Love Is A Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Trending News 05.01.13 | 09:46AM EDT

Heather Locklear and new boyfriend, Dr. Marc Mani, are turning heads.

Nicole Eggert Photos Of Bruised Back From Splash Injuries

Trending News 05.01.13 | 12:18AM EDT

As she competes for the dive offs Tuesday night, we look back at her injuries that caused many to be concerned.

Chris Broussard ESPN Talk On Conservative Christian Values Clarified By Sports Station

Trending News 04.30.13 | 08:26PM EDT

Chris Broussard ESPN talk about his conservative Christian views on homosexuality was clarified by the sports network Tuesday.

Gwyneth Paltrow Gives Sex Advice For Couples Who Argue, Chelsea Handler Reveal At Show

Trending News 04.30.13 | 08:07PM EDT

Gwyneth Paltrow gave out some free sex advice at an event and she didn’t hold back at describing what it is, Chelsea Handler revealed at her show Monday night.

Larry David New York Times Op-Ed, “My Son, The Terrorist,” Received Criticisms

Trending News 04.28.13 | 06:20PM EDT

The Larry David New York Times op-ed on the Boston bomber’s mom reaction reaction that her sons were the terrorists is inviting a critical reaction from a number of media people.

Amanda Bynes Shaves Half Her Head, Declares On Twitter, “This Is The New Me!”

Trending News 04.27.13 | 04:26PM EDT

It’s an edgier look for the 27-year-old-star who seems to be trying out a lot of things these days – from a walking with a shirt upside down in Times Square to threatening to sue the majority of entertainment writers covering her.

Karl Lagerfeld Reveals Age: Chanel Designer Says He’s 77, Admits He Had No Idea When He Was Born Until Mother’s Death

Trending News 04.27.13 | 01:30PM EDT

In an interview with Paris Match, the white-haired Chanel creative director stated that his real birthdate is September 10, 1935.

Indictments Made In French Court For Topless Kate Middleton Photos, Publisher And Photographer Charged With ‘Invasion Of Privacy’

Trending News 04.26.13 | 01:51PM EDT

Two indictments have been made in a French court for the release of the now infamous topless Kate Middleton photos, the AFP reports.

Diane Keaton Tantric Sex Talk While Drunk: “Big Wedding” Actress Tipsy And Laughing Her Way During Ellen DeGeneres Interview, “I Was Normal Until I Came On This Show”

Trending News 04.25.13 | 06:41PM EDT

Diane Keaton passed by the Ellen DeGeneres show to promote her new movie...seemingly tipsy the whole time.

Topless Kate Middleton Photos Led To Charges Filed Against Publisher, Responsible People Face Breach of Privacy Suit

Trending News 04.25.13 | 03:43AM EDT

Individuals responsible for publishing the topless Kate Middleton photos last year could soon face breach of privacy charges, according to News.au.

Vanilla Ice Goes Amish: Former Rap Star Gets New Reality Show On DIY Network

Trending News 04.24.13 | 01:28PM EDT

Vanilla Ice goes Amish is a new reality show from the DIY network that will star the former rapper turned Mr. Fix It Vanilla Ice.

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