EXID Hani is f(x) Victoria's Look-Alike?

EXID Hani is f(x) Victoria's Look-Alike?

Etc 08.27.12 | 08:58AM EDT

EXID member Hani is gaining attention for being f(x) member Victoria's look-alike.

EXID to Release Mini Album 'HIPPITY HOP' on August 13

EXID to Release Mini Album 'HIPPITY HOP' on August 13

Headlines 08.13.12 | 08:27AM EDT

Girl group EXID will be making a comeback with their mini album, HIPPITY HOP.

EXID Releases 'I Feel Good' Teaser

EXID Releases New Teaser For Song "I Feel Good"[VIDEO]

Headlines 08.07.12 | 03:04AM EDT

Girl group EXID is gaining popularity with the teaser of the new song "I Feel Good."


EXID with Upcoming Comeback Reveals Filming Set for MV

Etc 08.06.12 | 08:34PM EDT

Girl group EXID, with their comeback coming up, revealed pictures from their music video filming set.


New Idol Groups to 'Flood' in the Last Half Year

Headlines 07.12.12 | 08:08AM EDT

There seems to be no end to the birth of new idol groups. There seems to be a "flood" of new groups this past year in the music industry.


Was EXID's 'Best Thing I Never Had' Better Than Beyonce?

Headlines 03.14.12 | 11:15PM EDT

Girl group EXID leader vocal Yuji reveals a video of her perfect rendition of Beyonce.


EXID will be recreating 'Trouble Maker' on stage

Headlines 03.05.12 | 08:09PM EST

Girl group EXID will be recreating Hyun Ah and Hyung Seung's song 'Trouble Maker' on stage.


EXID reveals a photo taken with John Park and Boom

Buzz 03.04.12 | 07:16PM EST

Rookie girl group EXID revealed a photo taken with Boom and John Park.


EXID Da Mi's unbelievably small head proved in a photo

Buzz 02.28.12 | 08:02PM EST

New 6-member girl group EXID Da Mi's small head proof snapshot was revealed.

Suzy with EXID members!

Miss A Suzy & EXID Jung Hwa and He Ryung!

Headlines 02.26.12 | 07:05PM EST

No wonder people say friends look alike.


Snapshots of EXID in the backstage waiting room

Fashion & Style 02.19.12 | 06:24PM EST

Rookie girl group EXID revealed the behind the scenes snapshots.


Group EXID's Captivating Performance

Headlines 02.18.12 | 10:59PM EST

Newbie group EXID caught the attention of fans with their wonderful stage manner and singing.

Exid on M Countdown stage

The Debut Stage of the New Girl Group Exid Received Favorable Reviews

Headlines 02.17.12 | 12:07AM EST

On last night's M Countdown, the new girl group EXID showcased their first performance.

HEAR IT FIRST: Exid's Debut Music Video

Headlines 02.15.12 | 04:41PM EST

Kpopstarz.con brought it to you first!

4Minutes' Hyuna Removes Her Hand..."Chubby Cheeks?"

Etc 02.14.12 | 10:06AM EST

Girl group EXID held their debut showcase in which 4Minutes' Hyuna attended to cheer them on.


EXID: Debut Is Near, Releasing 2nd Teaser 'Whoz That Girl' Music Video

Etc 02.13.12 | 05:50PM EST

EXID: Debut Is Near, Releasing 2nd Teaser 'Whoz That Girl' Music Video

EXID Beauty, Check! Songs, Check! All that's left is success!

EXID Teaser - Beauty & Songs, Check! All That's Left is Success!

Headlines 02.12.12 | 08:19PM EST

EXID getting haters even before their debut?


Introducing A New Girl Group EXID

Headlines 02.11.12 | 10:28PM EST

A new girl group EXID is about to make its first debut under the directig of a famous producer, Sin-Sa-Dong Tiger.


EXID Unveils First Teaser for Upcoming Debut

Headlines 02.09.12 | 08:57PM EST

AB Entertainment unveiled dance video teaser of EXID’s with few days before their debut.


EXID Jung Hwa's new music teaser 'full of charisma'

Headlines 02.09.12 | 06:55PM EST

New 6 member girl group member Jung Hwa revealed a new teaser.

BREAKING: Teaser Released For New Girl Group EXID

Headlines 02.07.12 | 05:32PM EST

Sexy silhouettes are just the beginning.

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