Grigor Dimitrov

grigor dimitrov

Grigor Dimitrov Proud Of Sexy Girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger, Looks Happier On Instagram

Trending News 02.01.16 | 01:20AM EST

Grigor Dimitrov might have not had the most successful campaign at Australian Open 2016, but he sure looks happy on Instagram, thanks to his girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger!

grigor dimitrov

Grigor Dimitrov Wants To Be Rafael Nadal For Girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger, Maria Sharapova Mad?

Trending News 01.21.16 | 04:00AM EST

Grigor Dimitrov may be working to be just as great as Rafael Nadal was to make his new girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger happy.

grigor dimitrov

Grigor Dimitrov Angers Maria Sharapova By Kissing New Girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger In Brisbane

Trending News 01.12.16 | 08:34PM EST

Grigor Dimitrov may be angering his ex Maria Sharapova by PDA-ing all over Brisbane with his new girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger.

grigor dimitrov

Grigor Dimitrov Concentrates On New Relationship With Nicole Scherzinger, Neglects Instagram

Trending News 12.13.15 | 04:51PM EST

Grigor Dimitrov may be concentrating on his new relationship with Nicole Scherzinger.

grigor dimitrov

Grigor Dimitrov Career Improves With Nicole Scherzinger Relationship And Maria Sharapova Breakup

Trending News 12.02.15 | 12:30AM EST

Grigor Dimitrov is already benefiting from his freshly developing relationship with Nicole Scherzinger.

grigor dimitrov

Nicole Scherzinger Helps Grigor Dimitrov Put Relationship With Maria Sharapova In The Past

Trending News 11.22.15 | 01:39PM EST

Grigor Dimitrov has been looking happier than ever on his Instagram - probably because of his new relationship with Nicole Scherzinger.

grigor dimitrov

Grigor Dimitrov Flaunts Ripped Body After New Coach Announcement, Makes Maria Sharapova Regret?

Trending News 09.29.15 | 11:40AM EDT

Grigor Dimitrov flaunted his ripped body on Instagram after his new coach announcement.

grigor dimitrov

Grigor Dimitrov Experiences ‘A Ton Of Emotions’ Because Of Maria Sharapova Split?

Trending News 09.13.15 | 12:50AM EDT

Grigor Dimitrov may be experiencing “a ton of emotions” during his tennis matches after his split with his girlfriend Maria Sharapova.

grigor dimitrov

Grigor Dimitrov Becomes ‘Cinderella’ At US Open 2015 After Breakup With Girlfriend Maria Sharapova

Trending News 08.28.15 | 12:50AM EDT

Just because he went through a breakup with his ex girlfriend Maria Sharapova, that doesn’t mean that Grigor Dimitrov has given up his dream.

grigor dimitrov

Grigor Dimitrov Increases Instagram Selfies After Maria Sharapova Breakup And Before US Open 2015

Trending News 07.31.15 | 07:31AM EDT

Grigor Dimitrov has increased his Instagram selfie output right after his breakup with Maria Sharapova.

maria sharapova

Grigor Dimitrov Leaves Coach Roger Rasheed But Not Girlfriend Maria Sharapova At Wimbledon 2015: World No 2 Faces Serena Williams In Semifinals

Trending News 07.08.15 | 08:31AM EDT

Grigor Dimitrov left his coach Roger Rasheed, but not his girlfriend Maria Sharapova at Wimbledon 2015.

grigor dimitrov maria sharapova

Maria Sharapova Relationship Not Good For Boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov Tennis Career? Bulgarian Player Stumbles Before French Open 2015

Trending News 05.10.15 | 12:00AM EDT

Maria Sharapova may not be the best thing that happened for Grigor Dimitrov.

Maria Sharapova Pushes Grigor Dimitrov To Boost World Ranking At Australian Open 2015? Russian And Boyfriend Train Together This Christmas In Manhattan Beach

Trending News 12.29.14 | 09:05PM EST

Maria Sharapova may be pushing her boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov to improve his world ranking this year.

Maria Sharapova and Grigor Dimitrov Reveal Love Life In Los Angeles: Tennis Couple Spurs Engagement Rumors This Christmas

Trending News 12.22.14 | 09:49PM EST

Maria Sharapova and Grigor Dimitrov are not afraid to make their love life super public!

Maria Sharapova And Grigor Dimitrov Shops For Christmas Tree: Engagement Rumors Trump Split Rumors For Tennis Royalty

Trending News 12.13.14 | 03:06PM EST

With their precious down time together, Maria and Grigor shopped for a Christmas tree for their home in Manhattan Beach.

Maria Sharapova And Grigor Dimitrov Have ‘Tremendous Amount Of Respect’ For Each Other: Tennis Coupe Put Split Rumors Behind For Brisbane International 2015

Trending News 12.07.14 | 05:14PM EST

Maria Sharapova and Grigor Dimitrov have firmly put split rumors behind them as they prepare for Brisbane International 2015 this coming January.

Eugenie Bouchard Gets In Between Maria Sharapova And Grigor Dimitrov? Tennis Royalty Flop Between Split And Engaged Rumors

Trending News 12.01.14 | 10:33PM EST

Is it possible that Eugenie Bouchard got between Maria Sharapova and Grigor Dimitrov’s relationship?

Maria Sharapova Expects Grigor Dimitrov To Do Cooking? World Number 2 Too Busy With Sugarpova To Treat Boyfriend, Ignores Engaged Rumors

Trending News 11.26.14 | 04:08AM EST

Maria Sharapova recently hinted that her boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov picks up all the slack in cooking and other domestic duties.

Grigor Dimitrov Skips ATP Final For Girlfriend Maria Sharapova: After Losing To Andy Murray, Bulgarian Says ‘Don’t Think It’s My Thing’

Trending News 11.16.14 | 05:59PM EST

Grigor Dimitrov pushed aside any remaining split rumors with his girlfriend Maria Sharapova by choosing to skip this year’s APT Final.

Maria Sharapova Grigor Dimitrov Split Rumors Turn Into Engaged Speculation: Russian Tennis Player And Boyfriend Put Ranking 2014 Woes Aside In London

Trending News 11.10.14 | 03:51PM EST

Maria Sharapova and Grigor Dimitrov just turned their split rumors into engaged speculation!

Maria Sharapova And Grigor Dimitrov Push Split Rumors Aside With Romantic Stories: French Open 2014 Winner’s Boyfriend Reveal His Soft Side

Trending News 11.06.14 | 09:31PM EST

There may be rumors that Maria Sharapova and Grigor Dimitrov are facing a split, but it looks like the French Open 2014 winner and her boyfriend are stronger than ever.

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