Fight for My Way

WATCH: Park Seo Joon & Kim Ji Won Adorably Bicker Over Samgeopsal In Latest Trailer For 'Fight For My Way'

Headlines 05.05.17 | 07:00AM EDT

Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won are well on their way to becoming the next big rom-com couple based on the hilarious new trailer for their new KBS drama "Fight For My Way."

Fight for My Way

Park Seo Joon, Kim Ji Won Show Romantic Chemistry In 'Fight For My Way'

Headlines 04.24.17 | 06:02AM EDT

"Hwarang" actor Park Seo Joon and "Descendants of the Sun" star Kim Ji Won are all set for their new fighter drama "Fight for My Way" which is set for a May premiere. The KBS drama marks the first pairing of the two actors who are coming off the success of their recent drama appearances.

Go Ara talked about her hard time and her turning point in acting career.

Go Ara Shared Her Turning Point In Acting And Talked About Her Hard Times

Interviews 03.03.17 | 11:25PM EST

Go Ara debuted in a drama "Shark" in 2003. She then had a hard time as people didn't recognize her acting. But, she was sure about being an actress when she appeared in "Reply 1994."

'Hwarang Episode 20' In-depth Review, Season 2 Spoilers Unveiled

'Hwarang Episode 20' In-depth Review, Season 2 Spoilers Unveiled!

Hot Issues 02.26.17 | 08:02PM EST

"Hwarang" has just ended its first season, ending it with an emotional and memorable episode 20. Now, people are looking in the horizon as to what one could expect in season 2.

Jin Ju-Hyeong

Jin Ju-hyeong On His Dreams of Going To Hollywood, Learnings After Filming 'Hwarang'

Stars on TV / Movies 02.26.17 | 08:43PM EST

Jin Ju-hyeong is just a 'Hwarang' who dreams of entering Hollywood like Lee Byung-hun. Read his story here.

Hansung and Moo Myung

BTS 'V' Shares Thoughts About Starring in 'Hwarang'; Co-Star Do Ji Han Says Newcomer Is Talented and Humble

K-Drama 02.16.17 | 01:00AM EST

Bangtan Boys' V said first experience acting in Hwarang was memorable and said fellow actors were very helpful. Co-star Do Ji Han praises V for being naturally talented and humble, saying not all young actors are as dedicated to their craft/

 Actress Ko A-Ra attends the 33rd Blue Dragon Film Awards at Sejong center on November 30, 2012 in Seoul, South Korea.

8 Reasons To Watch Hwarang You Need To Know

Stars on TV / Movies 01.31.17 | 11:47AM EST

There are many reasons to watch Hwarang. Among them are the charm of many male lead actors and the relationship between the leads. There is also friendship that is exciting to watch.

Park Seo Jun and Lee Kwang Soo on Hwarang set on Park Seo Jun's instagram.

‘Hwarang’ Teases Fans With Preview of Next Episode

Reviews 01.23.17 | 09:33PM EST

"Hwarang" teases the viewers by giving pictures of the closeness of Sun Woo and Aro. Ater their kissing scene, Sun Woo shows loving gaze to Aro.

Cover of the 5th OST of

'Hwarang' Gets Mixed Reviews From Viewers With Confusing, Complicated Plot Twists, Webtoon Version Saves The Series

K-Drama 01.23.17 | 12:15AM EST

"Hwarang" is getting mixed reviews with its complicated plot twists and the rise of its webtoon version.

 Actress Go A-RA attends the Calvin Klein Collection Hosts a special one-night exhibition entitled 'Infinite Loop' organized by the New Museum of Contemporary Art at the Seoul Railway Station on May 24, 2012 in Seoul, South Korea.

Go Ara Becomes The Cover For Star Magazine and Shared Her Thought Of Her Role

Features 01.18.17 | 08:38PM EST

Go Ara leaves SM Entertainment and joins Artist Entertainment. WIth a new start and as the cover for Star Magazine, she said that she relied on both Park Seo Jun and Hyung Sik a lot on Hwarang set.

Cover of the 5th OST of

BEAST Member Yang Yo-Seob Releases His OST for ‘Hwarang’

Reviews 01.17.17 | 09:08PM EST

Member of boy group BEAST Yang Yo-Seob just released his song as the 6th OST of the KBS drama “Hwarang.” The song titled "A Move of God" was released Tuesday, Jan. 17.

Go-Ara shows her acting skill in the

‘Hwarang’ Episode 8 Focuses on A-Ro; Go-Ara Performance Was Praised

Stars on TV / Movies 01.15.17 | 07:39PM EST

In the 8th episode of the KBS drama “Hwarang: Poet Warrior Youth” the story focuses on A-Ro, while the boys have started to grow closer. However ratings are still low.

Still image of

‘Hwarang ’ Episode 7 Begins To Build An Intrique And Complicated Love Story

Stars on TV / Movies 01.11.17 | 07:17PM EST

Ji-Dwi openly shows that he has a crush on A-Ro similar to Sun-Woo’s feeling for A-Ro. Meanwhile the young king tries his royal robe and throne in "Hwarang" Episode 7.

Still image from KBS drama “Hwarang: Poet Warrior Youth” Episode 6.

‘Hwarang’ Is Still Struggling To Lift Its Ratings

Stars on TV / Movies 01.07.17 | 12:29AM EST

After the third week of its airing, KBS period drama “Hwarang” still struggle to increase its ratings. As a pre-produced drama, KBS will have to rely on the promotion of the drama because they are unable to alter the story.

BTS arrive for the 24th Seoul Music Awards at the Olympic Park on January 22, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea.

Hwarang Cast Members Show Close Relationship Spotted On BTS Footage

Hot Issues 01.04.17 | 06:13PM EST

Hwarang cast members show bromance off screen on BTS footage. They are seen to enjoy laughing together and having a joke. They seem to have close relationship to each other.

V striking a pose for BTS’s photoshoot on single 'Run'.

BTS’s V Proved to be a True Gentleman with ‘Hwarang’ Co-Star Go Ara

K-Drama 01.04.17 | 01:02PM EST

There’s more reason that his fans would love him even more. BTS’s V is proven to be a true blue gentleman on the set of KBS’ newest historical drama, “Hwarang”.

Still images from drama

‘Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim' returns, ratings of 'Hwarang' cuts by half

K-Drama 12.30.16 | 04:33AM EST

“Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim” returns to air after missing one night due to SBS Music Festival. Its comeback makes the ratings of KBS drama “Hwarang” dropped significantly.

Still image from

‘Hwarang’ surprisingly jumps to Top 20 position in viewership ratings after gaining significant increase

Reviews 12.27.16 | 11:09PM EST

KBS period drama “Hwarang” made a sudden increase in viewership ratings after first week slump. The drama scored a good ratings and made the Top 20 ratings.

Kim Ji Soo behind-the-scene on ‘Hwarang’.

Netizens upset over Kim Ji Soo’s Instagram post about 'Hwarang'

Hot Issues 12.27.16 | 12:08PM EST

What could be the reason behind the uproar among netizens?

Do Ji-Han,Choi Min-Ho and Park Seo-Jun in the KBS drama

“Hwarang” launches video game for mobile app to attract audience; Musical play is of the drama is pepared

Stars on TV / Movies 12.25.16 | 05:59AM EST

After a flop in the first week, production team of “Hwarang” will launch a video game in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. While the drama will also be transformed as musical play.

Official poster of KBS drama

‘Hwarang’ flops in the debut, fail to attract audience

Stars on TV / Movies 12.21.16 | 07:37PM EST

The highly anticipated period drama “Hwarang” has aired its first episode this week. An unexpected result emerge as the drama failed to attract sufficient audience who focuses more on the SBS medical drama “Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim.”

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