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Inauguration ceremomy of the elite warrior Hwarang in the drama “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth” Episode 6.

‘Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth’ Episode 5 and 6: The Six Young Men Are Now The Elite Warrior For The Shilla Kingdom

Stars on TV / Movies 01.04.17 | 06:09PM EST

KBS period drama “Hwarang” entered the third week of airing. The six young men from different background are now the member of elite warriords for the kingdom.

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‘Hwarang’ surprisingly jumps to Top 20 position in viewership ratings after gaining significant increase

Reviews 12.27.16 | 11:09PM EST

KBS period drama “Hwarang” made a sudden increase in viewership ratings after first week slump. The drama scored a good ratings and made the Top 20 ratings.

Front cover of the High Cut Magazine December 2016 edition volume 188.

'Hwarang' News & Updates: Male cast look chic and dandy in 'High Cut' magazine photoshoot

Fashion & Style 12.14.16 | 01:32PM EST

Six men, cast members of KBS period drama “Hwarang” appear together in the front cover of High Cut fashion magazine. They look chic and dandy with the British new romanti band style.


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