Group Infinite's Valentine's Day Chocolate Present?

Headlines 02.11.12 | 02:05PM EST

Group Infinite members Kim Sung Gyu and Lee Sung Yul revealed pictures holding Valentine's Day chocolates.

Infinite Nam WooHyun Birthday Caked

Infinite Nam WooHyun Caked!

Headlines 02.07.12 | 11:16PM EST

Nam WooHyun released a photo from his birthday via twitter.


INFINITE Woohyun's 21st Birthday Celebration

Etc 02.07.12 | 06:01PM EST

INFINITE member Woohyun uploads a picture on Twitter from his 21st birthday celebration.

Infinite El

Infinite El Kneeling On the Cold Ground

Etc 02.07.12 | 01:08PM EST

Group Infinite member El expressed his devoted love for his younger sister.

Lee Sung Jong

Infinite Lee Sung Jong's Graduation Picture

Etc 02.07.12 | 09:42AM EST

Infinite member Lee Sung Jong revealed a picture of himself on his way to his high school graduation.

A Pink Members Do A Photo Shoot With Dogs

A Pink Photo Shoot With Abandoned Dogs

Etc 02.05.12 | 09:51PM EST

A Pink members have been taking care of abandoned dogs until they found rightful owners.


Infinite films a music video for protection of abandoned animals

Headlines 02.04.12 | 04:33AM EST

Infinite filmed a music video for the protection of abandoned animals.

Idol Boy Groups

Idol Boy Groups' Past Photos Revealed

Etc 01.27.12 | 02:45PM EST

Past photos of Idol Boy Groups have been posted on an online community's forum.

Kiss Poster

K-pop invades KISS

Headlines 01.25.12 | 05:31PM EST

The Korean International Style Show (KISS) drew 33,000 people this year, largly thanks to the large number of K-pop bands performing.

Second Invasion in Japan

Infinite, "Second Invasion in Japan" sells out in 10 minutes

Headlines 01.25.12 | 11:39AM EST

The South Korean pop boy band, Infinite, sold out their two day Japan tour in a matter of 10 minutes.

super junior

Golden Disk Awards Winners/Performances (First Night)

Headlines 01.20.12 | 05:42PM EST

Coverage of the first night of the Golden Disk Awards.


K-Pop Artists to Attend Fashion Event in Tokyo

Headlines 01.19.12 | 06:02PM EST

K-Pop stars will be attending a fashion event in Tokyo.

Baby Soul, Yoo Ji Ah

Woollim Entertainment New Group Baby Soul, Yoo Ji Ah

Headlines 01.13.12 | 09:52AM EST

Woollim Entertainment for the label of Infinite or Nell revealed their new girl group members Baby Soul and Yoo Ji Ah.


Infinite’s Former Vocal Trainer Reveals to be a SPICA Member

Headlines 01.11.12 | 01:12AM EST

Kim Boa the lead vocalist of rookie group SPICA was revealed to be Infinite’s former vocal trainer.


Haha gives a positive feedback even after placing 7th on 'I am kind of a singer"

Headlines 01.08.12 | 11:39PM EST

Singer Haha gave a positive feedback even after placing last on 'I am kind of a singer'.


Dynamic Duo posts a photo with No Hong Chul and Norazo

Headlines 01.07.12 | 06:55PM EST

On the 7th Dynamic Duo Gaeko posted on his Twitter "Such an honor to be on my favorite TV show! Hong Chul hyung thank you so much for calling me up! Norazo hyungs are so down to earth! Genius TaeHo PD was pretty good looking! This is 'family heirloom'" along with a photo.


LeeSsang Gary "Infinite Challenge members are geniuses'

Headlines 01.07.12 | 06:04PM EST

Gary commented on his appearance of 'Infinite Challenge-I am a singer too'.


Bada surprises No Hong Chul by featuring live

Headlines 01.07.12 | 05:51PM EST

Singer Bada from SES made a surprise appearance on No Hong Chul's 'Love Promise' stage.

Haha on Infinite Challenge "I am a singer too"

Headlines 01.07.12 | 05:45PM EST

Haha placed 7th in 'I am a singer too".

Infinite Woo Hyun and Mighty Mouth Sangchu

Infinite's Woo Hyun and Mighty Mouth Sangchu Together

Headlines 01.07.12 | 02:46PM EST

Mighty Mouth member Sangchu uploaded a new photo on his Twitter.

Infinite showing off their model looks, ‘Are they really an idol group?’

Headlines 01.06.12 | 12:20PM EST

"Infinite's passion and possibility as a model is limitless."


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