2NE1 Minzy Buys Her Parents A House During Her Teen Years

09.14.13 | 01:06AM EDT

Minzy's gift for her parents; A house in an early age

Eminem Fumbles Interview on ESPN; But Loves the Detroit Lions (Video)

Trending News 09.08.13 | 01:59PM EDT

Eminem made a rare and puzzling appearance on ESPN yesterday. Eminem doesn’t give interviews or make public appearances very often. Eminem appeared to hawk his new single during the "Saturday Night Football" halftime show on ESPN.

John Lennon Interview Discovered: Rips on Beatles `Let It Be’ Sessions

Trending News 09.06.13 | 08:56PM EDT

John Lennon interview from 1969 was discovered. In the newly found audio interview, John Lennon talks about the new album The Beatles had just finished. The wounds are still fresh as John Lennon describes the sessions for The Beatles' "Let It Be" album as "hell." “Let It Be” was recorded while The Beatles were being filmed. It would wind up a documentation of the breakup of The Beatles.

Robert Pattinson Sexuality Goes Beyond Straight After Admitting To Masturbating To Gay Sex On Camera

Trending News 09.04.13 | 03:59PM EDT

Robert Pattinson's sexuality is in question after the actor recently admitted he masturbated on film with gay sex on the membrane.

Miley Cyrus VMAs 2013 Performance Explained on MTV; First Interview Since the Controversy (Video)

Trending News 09.03.13 | 10:07AM EDT

Miley Cyrus VMAs 2013 performance shocked millions of fans as she took to the stage in nothing but a latex skin-colored bra and pants. But the world was mesmerized by Miley Cyrus for the whole week as all eyes were focused on her hypnotic twerk moves.

Kim Cattrall Interview Says She’s Addicted to 'Fizzy Yoga'; Says It `Saved Her Life’

Trending News 08.21.13 | 10:17AM EDT

Kim Cattrall interview in England’s The Times revealed that she is hooked on “Fizzy Yoga.” The Kim Cattrall interview explained that Fizzy Yoga is a hybrid of physiotherapy and yoga. Kim Cattrall says the new exercise craze that has taken off in New York. Kim Cattrall says the mix of massage, meditative breathing, physio adjustments and yoga poses “saved her life” during her run in a new play.


SM Solo Artist Henry Chooses Kyuhyun As Person He Can Rely On, Reveals Deep Friendship In Ceci Magazine Special

Hot Issues 07.29.13 | 03:12AM EDT

Super Junior's mischievous maknae is actually Henry's best friend? Did you see that coming?


Korean Band Ulala Session Fondly Remembers Former Leader Lim Yoon Taek

Headlines 07.29.13 | 02:59AM EDT

Ulala Session shared their memories of their leader Lim Yoon Taek

Jennifer Lawrence Talks Hunger Games, Frankenstein and Snot at Comic-Con (Video)

Trending News 07.22.13 | 12:44PM EDT

Jennifer Lawrence interview about “Hunger” Games revealed some secrets about the sequel and the new “I, Frankenstein” movie she will be appearing in. Jennifer Lawrence also opened up at Comic-Con about snot, and how that could just kill a romantic scene. Especially if the scene didn’t start out that way.


Korea's Most Awaited Bride-to-Be Lee Min Jung Experiencing Cold Feet?

Hot Issues 07.22.13 | 02:13AM EDT

Lee Byung Hun's fiancee admits experiencing wedding jitters.


Korean Comedian HaHa Shared Awestruck Moments As First-Time Dad, 'Like Finding The Last Piece Of The Puzzle'

Headlines 07.20.13 | 08:11PM EDT

SBS's talk show "Thank You" guested HaHa and he shared his awestruck moments when his newborn baby was born

JYJ Junsu Featured on Main Page of U.S. Grammy Official Website

JYJ Junsu Featured on Main Page of U.S. Grammy Official Website

Headlines 07.19.13 | 12:45AM EDT

JYJ member Junsu has been featured on the main page of the U.S. Grammy's website.


CL Gives Her Opinion On Fierce Women In GQ Korea

Headlines 07.14.13 | 02:24PM EDT

CL goes opinionated against stereotypes on women

Amanda Seyfried Lovelace Interview in Elle; "Sex motivates everything” (Video)

Trending News 07.12.13 | 12:58PM EDT

Amanda Seyfried’s “Lovelace” interview in Elle magazine is revealing. Now that Amanda Seyfried is on the promotion trail, she has been opening up on her sexuality. Amanda Seyfried who is playing the "Deep Throat" porn actress in the biopic “Lovelace” talked about darker roles in Elle magazine's August issue.


miss A's Suzy Talks About The Pressure She Feels

Hot Issues 07.01.13 | 02:23AM EDT

Suzy feels pressured about her popularity

jang yoon jung

Singer Jang Yoon Jung Hesitates To Open Up About Family Drama

Headlines 06.30.13 | 05:26AM EDT

Jang Yoon Jung still hasn't opened up about her family feud


SHINEe Key and INFINITE SungGyu As Fanboys: Their Choice? - Davichi Kang Min Kyung and Girls' Generation Taeyeon!

Hot Issues 06.15.13 | 04:42PM EDT

Shinee's Key chose Davichi's Kang Min Kyung as the person he would invite to their dorm.

akdong and Lee hi

Akdong Musician: 'Lee Hi Is Hardest To Approach'

Headlines 06.14.13 | 02:15AM EDT

Akdong Musician's interview reveals that Lee Hi was the hardest senior to approach


4Minute Hyuna's Role Model: Psy Oppa?

Hot Issues 06.01.13 | 11:04AM EDT

HyunA reveals how she was being inspired by PSY's performance and she look up to PSY as her role model


B.A.P In US: Featured on MNET Show 'Danny from LA'

Headlines 05.26.13 | 09:36PM EDT

K-Pop group B.A.P has a massive success in U.S and able to be featured in "Danny from L.A" show

Pitt: ‘I Have Few Friends’ – Jolie’s Other Half Prefers Big Family in Chaos According to Esquire Interview

Trending News 05.21.13 | 02:28PM EDT

Brad Pitt talks about friends, family and Angelina.

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