Breaking News Revealed That Black Pink Jennie Is In A Relationship - What Is YG's Response?

Headlines 10.16.17 | 07:43PM EDT

Breaking News Revealed That Black Pink Jennie Is In A Relationship - What Is YG's Response?

Blackpink Jennie for 'Stay'

BLACKPINK's Jennie Looks Stunning in 'Dazed & Confused' April Issue

Headlines 03.20.17 | 11:37AM EDT

BLACKPINK's Jennie pose for "Dazed & Confused" Korea: Marks the first time the member posed for a magazine solo.


BLACKPINK To Perform In 2017 University Festivals & Gearing Up For A Spring Comeback

Buzz 03.16.17 | 03:10AM EDT

BLACKPINK will be performing at University festivals for 2017 and is currently preparing for a comeback in Spring.

Blackpink Lisa for 'Stay'

Lisa's Pre-Debut Pictures Surface In Online Communities: Lisa Sported Brunette Hair Before BLACKPINK's Debut

Buzz 03.14.17 | 05:53PM EDT

Recent pre-debut pictures of Lisa showed the K-pop idol had stunning brunette hair before BLACKPINK's debut in 2016.

Jennie Kim

Jennie Kim Of Black Pink Elegantly Displays Slim Flying Yoga Figure

Trending News 02.20.17 | 01:16AM EST

Jennie Kim posted on her Instagram page recently a photo of her working out and she looks so elegant when seen in her slim silhouette while trying flying yoga in a perfect pose.

YG Entertainment Names Blackpink Fandom With ‘Blink’

YG Entertainment Names Blackpink Fandom With ‘Blink’ Plus Fans Celebrates Jennie’s Birthday

Headlines 01.16.17 | 09:49AM EST

YG Entertainment has officially named Blackpink’s fandom with ‘Blink’. Also, fans have celebrated Jennie’s birthday on Twitter and Instagram.

Jisoo Blackpink

SM Entertainment Tried To Recruit BLACKPINK's Jisoo When She Was Still A YG Trainee!

Headlines 01.11.17 | 03:22AM EST

SM Entertainment apparently recognized the star potential in BLACKPINK's Jisoo as well.


BLACKPINK's MV for "Playing With Fire" reaches over 30 million hits on YouTube; group set to appear on 'Running Man'!

Headlines 11.29.16 | 04:22AM EST

After winning Best New Artist at the recently concluded Melon Music Awards, BLACKPINK had once again reached another milestone as their music video for "Playing with Fire" hits over 30 million views on YouTube.


BLACKPINK dominates Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart; Group also enters Social 50 chart

Trending News 11.11.16 | 01:45AM EST

BLACKPINK's 'Playing with Fire' and 'Stay' dominate the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart.

BLACK PINK Teaser Images

BLACKPINK confirms appearance on 'Weekly Idol' + second comeback track teasers

Trending News 10.27.16 | 04:20PM EDT

A week after YG announced that BLACKPINK will be the next of their artists to stage a comeback, the group is confirmed to appear on the variety show, "Weekly Idol" while also releasing image teasers for their second comeback track 'Stay'

Jennie and Lisa for Blackpink's teaser

Blackpink’s Lisa and Jennie are in fans’ area again after YG Entertainment released their teaser photos for 'Playing With Fire'

Trending News 10.25.16 | 02:00AM EDT

YG Entertainment has released teaser pictures of Lisa and Jennie for Blackpink's upcoming comeback '불장난' or 'Playing With Fire'.

First Two Members Of YG's Upcoming Girl Group Revealed

First Two Members Of YG's Upcoming Girl Group Revealed

Headlines 06.16.16 | 12:40AM EDT

Only one of the members revealed is Korean.


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